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Best baby carriers for Diastasis Recti?

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Ilikegin Sat 13-Aug-16 04:28:13

Hi not sure if this is the right place, I have been suffering with SPD and DR (4 fingers) throughout my pregnancy, had my beautiful baby last week and the pain has been easing, i am now looking to purchase a comfortable baby carrier, I ordered the baby bjorn original which was recommended by a friend but as soon as I put it on, without even having the baby in, the pain was sudden and sharp in my sternum area, when I put her in it got even worse so it's going straight back. I've been looking at wraps but they seem expensive for just a piece of material, and I'm not sure if they will be any better for my pains, does anyone have any experience with DR and baby wearing? and which brand would be the best or are they all the same, so far I've found a Nimnik one for £17, funki flamingo £25 or, Moby or Amawrap around £45

FreeButtonBee Sat 13-Aug-16 06:48:00

Not quite the same but I used a close caboo sling from about 3 weeks after my c section and found it good. Swapped to an ergo at about 4/5 months as I needed more support. I love my ergo. Sooo comfy

eurochick Sat 13-Aug-16 06:58:29

Maybe an ergo? They are supposed to be ergonomically designed. I don't have the same issues as you but find ours very comfortable.

AliensInUnderpants12 Sat 13-Aug-16 07:02:56

Im not sure if baby carriers would be good to use straightaway if you have diastasis recti. I had it with DS and the back aches I had were awful. I had it again with DD but not quite so badly. I really can't recommend Pilates enough to help strengthen your core muscles, I have a 1cm gap now and no back aches!

On the baby carrier question, I liked the connecta as it was so easy to use, 3 buckles to clip and very comfortable to use. Lots of designs too so it was fun to choose!

ThursdayLastWeek Sat 13-Aug-16 07:04:33

I used a moby wrap from birth unto DS was big enough to fit into the Tula.

I don't have your SPD & DR issues, but as a general rule, slings like the Ergo or Tula and stretchy wraps are designed to spread the weight of yoir baby more evenly around your body. In theory this should make things a bit easier for you.

Baby Bjorns are the deal and should be firmly placed in room 101. Forever.

It sounds though, if you're in that much pain, that perhaps just using the pram and getting a bit stronger/recovering first might be wise. Doesn't sound like much fun at all.

Congrats on your baby!

Ilikegin Sat 13-Aug-16 08:58:09

Thanks everyone!

I will have a look at the suggestions and try some Pilates!

I think you are probably right ThursdayLastWeek but at the minute she cries as soon as she is put down so I will never get anything done once hubby goes back to work!

Dixiechick17 Sun 14-Aug-16 19:40:33

I've got an ergo 360 now, bought it when my DD was ten months, I used a baby Bjorn miracle before that and it battered my back, hard lumps in my shoulders, the Ergo distributes the weight evenly accross my back and shoulders. The new baby bjorns are more similar to the ergo, with a waist strap and support for the babies legs. You can hire from a local sling library or an online sling library to find what works for you.

BossyOfficerFlossie Mon 15-Aug-16 09:02:11

I used a stretchy wrap in the early days, and then a connecta later, and both were fine - had diastasis with all three and all were sections.

Pilates is definitely the way to go, free videos esp for the early days post pregnancy - at, she is a Physio and has all the ante and post natal Pilates qualifications so it is all very safe.

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