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Clingy 5 year old

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jinglymum Wed 10-Aug-16 17:26:46


Any advice welcome, my little boy is 5 and is incredibly clingy, whilst he's happy to go out and play with other children in our road when he's not out and being occupied 24/7 he clings to me, constantly wanting to sit on my knee, cuddle, if he's watching tv wants me to watch, literally won't to anything on his own, won't play in his room, won't colour on his own, cries when I leave for work, and more crucially still won't sleep on his own, wants to be cuddled to sleep, won't sleep in his own bed without a major tantrum. He's a lovely little boy, doing really well at school, really happy the majority of the time, just wants attention constantly, it's really draining.

I'm a single parent who works full time, he sees his dad every other Sunday for a few hours, it's not great but not terrible.

Any tips on supporting him to be less like my shadow?


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