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Coming off omeprazole.....what should I expect?

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Pennybrown86 Tue 09-Aug-16 20:31:56

My LG has been very unsettled since birth and we have been through various milks, gaviscon, ranitidine and finally omeprazole. She doesn't have reflux but we suspected silent reflux but we have never known for sure. She started on omeprazole about 4 weeks ago, after 10 days we didn't notice any difference to the screaming. At this point, I introduced a new routine, have mastered some the napping issues and it seems to be suiting her really well. Since then, she has been screaming SIGNIFICANTLY less. I don't know if this is because the omeprazole happened to kick in then or if she is more settled in the routine and is sleeping better so is less exhausted and hence, less screaming.

We are under a paediatrician and he has suggested taking her off the omeprazole suspension cold turkey. I have read a lot about weaning slowly but as we give half a tablet once a day, it's pretty impossible to reduce this dose (it's hard enough to cut the tablet in half!). We have only been off it since Sunday - has anyone else taken their baby off omeprazole suspension after only a short time on it? What should I be expecting?

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