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Children hate reading

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peppajay Tue 09-Aug-16 09:40:44

Just after opinions about reading from other parents. My DC's are 8 and 10 and both hate reading. However they are both good readers and read when at school. They are very active and always busy so to them reading is a chore. I absolutely adore reading and will read any spare moment I have so I find it really hard to understand why they can't or won't read some of the wonderful kids books out there. Funnily enough I remember being exactly the same as a kid my mum said it wasn't till in was about 14 I read a proper book and my nan said my mum and aunties were all the same and we are all avid readers now. We go to the library regularly and I try loads of different books but no. They are not big tv watchers or tablet users either. Since they were tiny they have had a bedtime story so they have always had books. They prob watch about an hour's tv or on the tablet of an evening but we are out and about during the day or they play outside getting them to sit quietly is virtually impossible. I have tried banning the tv in the eve till they read but my mum says forcing them will only make them hate reading so best just to let them discover the joy of books in their own time!! Alot of their friends are doing the library challenge with stickers and prizes etc but they have no interest. They will do maths and literacy workbooks write poems and stories but not pick up a book. We don't have a kindle as they are not really tech minded either but thought I might see if I could download something on the tablet I just worry that they should be reading.

Madlizzy Tue 09-Aug-16 09:51:31

They will when they find it interesting again. I agree with your mum who says don't force it. Do they like comics? Reading doesn't have to be just books.

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