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Would it be a bad idea to change childcare just as DC gets a new sibling?

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lulublue79 Mon 08-Aug-16 18:12:56

I know this could go in the childcare section, but wasn't sure which bit to put it in! Thought it might be a general parenting question anyway.

Okay, what would you do... I just can't decide what the right thing to do is.

My two-year-old goes to a really lovely nursery right by our house. He's been going there since he was one and is settled and happy. We're moving house about 20-30 mins drive away, and I'm pregnant. My toddler will continue to stay in childcare a couple of days a week to give me a bit of a break, and because I'm freelance and have to keep doing a little bit of work (from home) even when the baby is here.

So I've found a new nursery for him right by our new house, which seems good, but not as special as his old nursery (which is a true gem), right by our new house.

If I moved him to the new nursery, he'd be due to start just after we move house and about 2 months before the new baby arrives.

I am feeling pretty guilty for considering it.

So my question is...

Is it a bad idea for a 2-year-old to get a new baby sibling, a new house AND a new nursery, all within a couple of months? Will it really upset him!?!?!

Should I just suck it up and continue to drive him to his old nursery? (maybe 45 or 50-min round trip with a newborn in the car. I also have two other DCs at school, but their school won't change - it is actually equidistant to the new house and old house and - though wrap-around care will be harder if I continue to drive 2-year-old to old nursery - it won't be impossible).

What would you do?

bobbinpop Mon 08-Aug-16 18:16:37

2 months is a pretty long time to a young child, so it should be enough time to adjust. As long as the people are kind and there's a nice atmosphere, don't worry too much about it not being as special as the other one. Children have a completely different perspective on these things anyway!

lulublue79 Mon 08-Aug-16 18:28:46

I just do worry as he's the shyest of my DCs, bobbinpop, and I always thought of him as my last baby (but am now having another!). Feeling guilty because not only will his place in the family change, and his home, but also his lovely childcare! Eek!

But I do hope so, thank you, that's reassuring to read! It's only a few days a week...

Nickname1980 Mon 08-Aug-16 22:29:10

Could you delay the start date of the new nursery by a month or so if you're worried? But actually, I reckon he'll be fine - like the pp said, two months is a long time in a two-year-old's life!

CarrotPuff Tue 09-Aug-16 13:46:42

I wouldn't introduce two big changes at the same time, I.e. House move and nursery. Either move house, change nursery in a month and then the baby arrives another month later (as I understand it) or continue with the nursery until baby is a couple months old. That's what I would do anyway!

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