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How to introduce another language with a nanny?

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Mamabear12 Sat 06-Aug-16 15:35:30

Hello. We only speak English in our household, but live in an area with a lot of French speakers. In the park we always hear French everywhere and my daughter closest friends all are bilingual speaking French and English fluently. We have access to classes and clubs in French and I would very much like my kids to learn. My daughter is interested as well since her friends all seem to speak it. They speak English just as well so speak English only to my daughter. I found a French nanny and my daughter just completed a week of full immersion French camp 9-3pm. She loved the camp and was not upset about it being all in French. She has learned a few words and phrases. My plan is to do French club once a week w a tutor and have a French nanny 2-3 days a week for 3-4 hours. My question is do I have nanny speak French only in the hopes kids will learn? Or should she be explaining to them in English as she goes? My worry if she keeps explaining in English the kids will ignore French and just listen to her english. But if she speaks only in French, they might just not understand it bc it's not enough hours for them to learn. What should I do? What do u think is best method?

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