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I just do not fit in....

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Keepcalmanddrinktea Thu 04-Aug-16 23:42:06

...or at least this is what it feels like, when I interact with other mums from DD' s school (independent girls only primary)....I generally get along with everyone, and at work I am known to be very social, easy going and very forward at the school gate (those few times I do pick ups) Or at birthday parties or at social events and I am shaking inside as it all feels very scary, I do not show off naturally (I am more the geeky type of person), become very conscious of not being a native (English is my second non-native language but got high sec education in English and I use it at work, it is actually pretty good, yet.....)
I just feel useless, I then become so emotional at home, DH thinks I make it up, but when I feel pushed out if the clique, it really gets me down, there quite few who like me/us so I have the tangible proof I am not a lost case....
Why I feel very comfortable socially at work and I am a mouse outside?
What is wrong with me and how can I fit in with everyone?
confused sad

Ffion3107 Thu 04-Aug-16 23:51:43

Just pinning here as I have the same issue.
DD's at nursery, I get on with the staff and feel comfortable with them, but once I see another parent I get red faced for no reason and am unable to hold a conversation with them. I'm in North Wales and my first language is Welsh, but so are the other Mums.
I'm attending a wedding tomorrow with DP (his friend's wedding). And while I do get along with the men's partners (all English), I feel like I don't belong in their conversations, and I start shaking because I'm conscious about my English.

You're not alone OP!

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