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18mo hoarder or normal behaviour?

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BirdsAndBlips Thu 04-Aug-16 11:09:25

My 18mo is a bit of a "hoarder" (sorry I can't find a better way to describe it...). He'll do a "fort" with pillows and blankets or with cubes and well, anything he can find, then he'll hide all he can (books, remote, toys, anything) underneath and will go crazy if anything pokes out or if his fort is disturbed. He'll collect things in a little basket and hide them under the sofa cushions.
H's perfectly fine development and health wise but what's up with that? Did your DC do anything like that?
Thank you!

liquidrevolution Thu 04-Aug-16 13:38:28

My DD is just turned two and likes to put everything she can in bed with her including her toys, books, wet/dirty clothing and the nappy bin hmm. She also used to build up cushions to make a nest but that stopped a month or so ago.

I'm assuming its all normal grin

She's got a bit better with all her random bits during the day because we gave her a bag to put things in so everything goes in that and if it cant fit she has a meltdown. Today the bag contains two wood skittles and balls, all of the twirlywoos, plastic hey duggee figures, a dirty bib, an empty tablet blister pack, my calculator, two pairs of sunglasses (one is mine), a coin purse full of raisins and some plastic fruit.


BirdsAndBlips Fri 05-Aug-16 15:19:19

Your DD sounds fascinating liquid smile
Ok, it's probably normal then, I'll chill!

splendide Fri 05-Aug-16 16:30:07

I think he sounds like a very smart and dextrous wee boy to make a fort by himself, good on him!

Ladybirdturd Fri 05-Aug-16 16:33:27

Sounds like he is working through a containment schema. If you Google schemas it will explain it all in detail.

FellOutOfBed2wice Fri 05-Aug-16 16:34:47

Sounds exactly like my 2.1yr old who has been doing this since she was about 18 months. We've also given her a backpack to carry her crap around in/take out with her and she chooses the maddest combinations of things. She also went to bed with six teddies, a maraca, a book and my old purse that she's taken a shine to last night.

FellOutOfBed2wice Fri 05-Aug-16 16:38:24

Lady you live and learn. Knew nothing about schemas but this explains it well. My DD is apparently textbook. Apparently going through the over and under one right now.

Trinpy Fri 05-Aug-16 16:38:41

Yes it's a normal developmental stage. Containment. One of the many weird things toddlers do to help themselves learn.

We had an large, very battered cardboard box filled with random crap in our living room for months when ds went through this stage.

Trinpy Fri 05-Aug-16 16:39:47

X posted. See someone else got their first with the schema explanation.

BirdsAndBlips Fri 05-Aug-16 22:48:14

Thank you very very much for your explanation, it's very helpful, definitely what he's going through!

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