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Talk to me about your nearly four year olds routine?

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milkyman Thu 04-Aug-16 09:57:04

Thinking of changing ours!

LuchiMangsho Thu 04-Aug-16 10:01:17

Up at 7:15-20.
Breakfast all done by 8.
8-9 Play, read, and she also practises her violin (don't ask- she's very musical and we are not!)
9- goes to childcare and I go to work.
CM takes them (there are 2) to an activity in the morning. Gives them a snack around 10ish. When with me, I don't offer a snack, we do just three big meals.
Lunch at 12:30
A bit of rest and stories.
In the park at 2. Maybe a snack in the middle again.
I pick up at 4
4-5 Playing at home.
5- Dinner.
6 pm- Bath
6:15-6:45ish stories (sometimes shorter if tired)
Bed at 6:45. Usually asleep by 7.

Kennington Thu 04-Aug-16 10:02:11

Mine just turned 4
Nursery pick up around 5
Drink and snack at home/cafe plus play - puzzle or drawing or trains/dolls then CBeebies
Dinner at 730
Bath at around 8
Books and bed around 830pm
Gets up at 7 ish and sits in bath while I shower so we can chat
Porridge at 8am then drop off to nursery or grandparents at 830pm

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