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ProudParent2009 Tue 02-Aug-16 20:59:50

Hey all

I am in the Final stages of adopting a little boy from overseas and I am trying to redecorate his room before I fly out to get him!

Can anyone suggest ideas ( including any room themes) for his room please? He is 7 years old, non verbal and Blind ( small possibly he can see light) and I want his room to be absolutely perfect!

I am unsure of his interests at the moment because the orphanage he is currently living in has very limited resources and also they can only give out a little bit of information about him!

I can change the room around if I need to once we get to know him and his interests but I just want his room to be ready and in place for when he gets home.

Thankyou smile

sugarplumfairy28 Tue 02-Aug-16 21:50:16

I would go with lots of texture, cushions, floor coverings, curtains, try and make them different and fun to explore through touch, and also not make the room too echoy. I would also consider having contrasting colours, maybe prime colours, red blue and yellow, perhaps he may be able to see the difference. I'm not sure from your description, but also maybe look at getting brail labels printed, or a way to distinguish different objects. I would also have a CD player or some kind of music device for him. You can get paint that is different in texture, you could possibly create lines, paths to follow on the walls to lead to different objects/furniture.

I'm not suggesting for a second this is your opinion, but a room you and I may perceive as being perfect may well be quite stark and uninteresting to a blind child. If you wanted to try and blend everything together, maybe a loose circus theme. Very easy to have a colourful room with, also the lines and texture.

bleedingnora Tue 02-Aug-16 21:57:09

Yes to texture
And organise it to allow easy passage from bed to door to wardrobe etc, no trip hazards.

Some items that he can use for comfort so a soft furry blanket, soothing pillow (maybe even a lavender one) and a couple of warm lamps in case he can decipher that level of lighting.
Include a music player and maybe something hanging that causes noise when pushed?

sugarplumfairy28 Tue 02-Aug-16 22:05:59

Ooo yes nora scent too! Although not too much it smells like walking past a Lush shop or something.

hiiiizigirl Wed 03-Aug-16 05:42:36

maybe a "blue theme." you could paint the walls blue and have a faded orange comforter. not many patterns if you don't know a lot about him. maybe a small nightlight and a "welcome" present of an iPad or laptop to entertain himself. blue lights and maybe a wooden sign of te first letter of his name? don't overwhelm him but make an effortsmile

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