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Moving kids in together

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DollyBarton Sun 31-Jul-16 08:06:25

I want to move ds(3) and dd(almost 2) in together but have been holding off as I'm afraid they'll wake each other in the mornings and I'm loath to lose that sleep. Currently they are both good sleepers and my dd is still in her cot. She's strong minded and not speaking clearly yet (to reason with and bribe) so I'll keep her in the cot as long as possible but feel I should move her in with him even in the cot soon as I've just moved our 8mth old out of our room and into our spare room and I'm missing the spare room terribly. We have a lot of visitors and this weekend we moved into the baby's room so guests could have ours and we wouldn't disrupt the baby who since moving into her own room has gone from 6-10 wakes a night to sleeping through 7-6. Bloody amazing! But of course with us in her room again this weekend we've disturbed this beautiful sleeping through! So I want her in her sisters room and dd1 in with Ds.

Any advice on this? Should I just bite the bullet and see how it goes? DS has two singles and room for her cot so I could just do it. They shared recently on a two week holiday and I felt dd woke extra early due to seeing Ds there but Ds tended to ignore me taking her out and slept on.

Sleep is so precious with 3 such small kids, I wish we had 5 bedrooms and might extend in future but for now I need the baby in her own room and a spare room for visitors (such as my mum who travels to help us regularly).

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