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Anyone keep a memory box?

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Cornishblues Sat 30-Jul-16 20:20:20

Anyone keep a memory box for baby things? What have you kept in it? We didn't, wish I had. Wondering about this for a gift for a new mum but wonder about size, guess it would be great for a few things like hospital band but would a bigger box be better so could include first babygro etc?

ACatastrophicMisintepretation Sat 30-Jul-16 20:28:54

I've got one and I love it, mine was just one of those Born in 2015/6 boxes that next sell. Someone gave us some gifts in it and I kept it and used as a memory box... Think that it has a duel purpose though and that's what Next intended. It's got his birth band in, first outfit and hat he wore, his baby cards, one of his first bottles, first size nappy, coins from his year of birth, his first blanket and a few other bits of clothes so quite a good size. I can't think of much else I'll put in it, maybe some of his first toys once he's done with them and a lock of hair from first cut.
I think it would make a lovely gift, as you can see, I've really embraced mine!

GenghisCalm Sat 30-Jul-16 20:30:18

I have a memory box for my daughter. It started off as shoe box sized and has now grown to an A3 archive box confused.

I have kept the first babygrow that she wore, the dress she wore home from hospital, hospital bracelet, first shoes in fact I have most of the "first's" even down to the first lock of hair cut and her baby teeth.

She has never seen this box and I am giving to her when she is 18.

ACatastrophicMisintepretation Sat 30-Jul-16 20:31:31

It's one of these so you could always buy one and put some clothes in it too then it's a win win!

Cornishblues Sun 31-Jul-16 10:55:16

Lovely! I think the bigger box with gifts in is a brilliant idea!

neversleepagain Sun 31-Jul-16 13:51:24

We have a memory box that we add to. It has all sorts inside and we keep adding to them.

Prem baby nappies
First sleepsuits
Their dummy and bottle
Lock of hair
Hospital bands
Arm splints from their time in special care
New baby cards we received
First birthday cards
The first book i bought them (Guess how much i love you)
Baby scan pictures
Photocopy of hospital notes
First toothbrush
Baby hairbrush

I am a bit of a weirdo!

FayaMAMA Sun 31-Jul-16 21:46:31

That particular box in the link is beautiful! Perfect for the little things like foot prints, scan photos, hospital tags, etc. It would be a little small for other 'firsts' but they could always be kept elsewhere.

I kept one pregnancy memory box because I couldn't work out how to do two (twins) but I have one for each DD now with all their 'firsts' and some drawing and things that they've made - mainly for them. In the pregnancy one I have plane tickets from where I was travelling when they were conceived/found out I was preg, the actual test, photos, notes and letters I wrote to family/friends/their replies, my diary with entires all about finding out I was pregnant/pregnancy/etc, scans, and all sorts of other things but the pregnancy box is mainly for me to look back on fondly as it was just a magical time. I'm sorry you didn't make one at the time - but maybe you could start now?
See what you already have and start from there?

GenghisCalm Sun 31-Jul-16 21:54:21

You are not weird neversleepagain, apart from the arm splints I have everything you do and more! First shoes, first Clarks shoes, local and national newspapers, presentation coins, baby cutlery and plate.

I am sure there is more random shite in there which at the time seemed very sentimental and needed to be kept. I will be amazed if I actually threw anything out I knew that DD would be an only child so I needed to keep every memory.

xxxbingbunnyxxx Wed 03-Aug-16 20:55:32

We have one, but its just a shoe box! We have a newspaper on the day he was born, hospital tag, some clothes, first shoes and scan pics. Maybe some other things I cant think of, but was adamant that I wanted the newspapers saved

Oblomov16 Wed 03-Aug-16 21:06:33

I have one for both ds's. I think they are a really nice thing.

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