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Off-Grid parenting.

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DeathpunchDoris Thu 28-Jul-16 20:02:26

What are your thoughts on this parenting style? Is it as relaxing as it sounds and have the rest of us got it wrong, or do the kids grow up so differently that they struggle to fit with "normal" life later on? Or do they even need to?

Fomalhaut Thu 28-Jul-16 20:08:30

Depends how it's definined.

Off grid as in living sustainably, say on a small holding, being home educated in a way that leaves the child on a par with their peers, with the child vaccinated and able to access medical services, with social interaction with others? Fine.

Non vaccinated kids 'unschooled' by parents who don't let them access medical services. Or mix only with some random fundamentalist sect? That's an issue.

The welfare of the child is paramount. The child needs to have their healthcare needs met (trips to dentist, vaccinations, medical care used as needed.) they need to have their physical needs met. They need access to education (albeit not necessarily a mainstream school.) And they need to have their emotional needs met. That means being able to play with other kids, for example.

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