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changing nurseries

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panimac Thu 28-Jul-16 09:29:20

DS (3) is currently in the pre-school group of his nursery and fairly happy (not always keen to stay when I drop him off, but no major dramas). He does 2 days at nursery and 2 days at childminder.

Since he's moved to pre-schoolers I am not that keen on the carers there: one is a bit harsh on the kids, another one is nice, but not sure how much they can learn from her and the last one is very nice (warm, caring and always kind to the children). He's also not able to go down for a nap so comes home grumpy and exhausted as no facility or encouragement to nap during the day in that setting.

There is another nursery I have been keen on, but their baby section was in a different location, so not feasible. Their toddler section however is just one street up from current nursery and offers much more including swimming lessons (DS enjoys swimming). It is also a Montessori one, which I have always been keen on.

I am thinking of switching nurseries, but have this niggling thought at the back of my mind about how the change would affect DS - how much would it unsettle and knock his confidence back. He's a shy little boy and takes time for him to be more confident in new environment.
If we did switch him, he'd be stay there for a year to two years (depending on if we are successful in deferring his school start as he's a summer / prem born).

Would be interested in your thoughts and / or similar experiences. Thanks.

Missgraeme Thu 28-Jul-16 09:32:47

U have said u aren't keen on one of the teachers. Your ds is crabby when he gets home. New place sounds a positive move and if he has nicer teachers overall he may settle quicker than u think!

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