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Changing formula?

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Scarlettwaffle Thu 28-Jul-16 06:29:58

Hi, I'm new - well I've been reading throughout my pregnancy but never actually posted until now!

My lg is almost 6 weeks. We had a lot of trouble BF, with a severe tongue-tie and not gaining weight so stated to supplement with formula, we are now on 100% FF.

She has terrible trouble with what appears to be trapped wind. When laid down after a feed (given at least half an hour upright first) she starts crying and drawing her legs up and waving her arms around.

We have also seen the gp due to low weight gain and vomiting, they suggested it was reflux and prescribed gaviscon, but that seemed to make her more sick so we have stopped that.

Currently using aptamil and infacol before feeds. She has started vomiting more though. Nearly at the end of this box do wondering whether to try a different formula to see if it helps?

Has anyone had the same and found a different formula had helped?

BexusSugarush Thu 28-Jul-16 11:05:12

We had similar problems but added to that our dd couldn't poop more than once a week. The reflux went away on it's own as all the prescribed medicines seemed to do nothing, and we were suggested to move onto Comfort Formula (we used Cow&Gate) as apparently it helps their digestive system deal with milk better, so were told it might help with both reflux and pooping. We used Lactulose medicine (prescribed) ontop of that but it was just a screaming match to get it into her so we stopped.

Ask your HV about Comfort Formula as it definitely helped our dd with both her problems.

As to the lying down, we had exactly the same problem but it was suggested to us that our baby wasn't so much in pain as just unhappy to be away from us. It might be limiting and tiring but just don't put your baby down. We spent the first 3 months of dd's life pretty much holding her most of the time and she's now 7 months and it's had no negative effect on her.

Or even consider getting a baby bouncy chair, one that is at an angle so she's not upright but not lying down. Our HV taught us to not just put dd down and leave her, but to do it gradually, with a hand on her and reassuring words. For the first 3 months baby's still see themselves as a part of you, and being put down is terrifying for them, so any discomfort they may be in due to wind will be further aggravated by being left alone.

Hope this has helped somewhat x

CarrotPuff Thu 28-Jul-16 12:50:39

Go back to gp and tell them Gaviscon isn't helping. She may need something stronger. Everyone I know with refluxy babies have them on ranitidine.

Scarlettwaffle Thu 28-Jul-16 13:15:46

Thanks bexus - she has no trouble pooing, she's the other end of the spectrum in that one!

We actually do most of the things you've suggested about putting her down gradually/use a bouncer, but it's usually after some time that she becomes restless. She continues with the drawing up of her legs and holding her breath/straining after we've picked her up too so not sure if is being put down that's causing it, but great to hear another point of view, it's something I hadn't considered.

Got both HV & GP booked for early next week anyway so I will discuss other medication/specialist milks with them then - I'm just nearly out of aptamil so wondered whether it was worth trying a different formula when I go shopping this afternoon? It gives me a few days to try it before both appointments.

My SIL lb had reflux and thankfully my lg is nowhere near as bad, so if we can make it better using less drastic measures I'd prefer it to possibly "unnecessary" medications. Obviously I won't not give her some medicine she needs, but if it can be eased another way than I'd like to try....

Caterina99 Thu 28-Jul-16 14:08:03

Different formulas agree with different babies. The first one we gave my DS didn't hugely agree with him. Moved him to a comfort one and it did make a big difference!

MrsPatrickDempsey Thu 28-Jul-16 17:28:01

I always post this link; I am a hv and I think it makes lots of sense. Just makes me wonder if she is overtired/stimulated too? Worth a try with comfort milk but the evidence base is not well established. Agree that gaviscon isn't effective for reflux; ranitidine is better.

Scarlettwaffle Thu 28-Jul-16 17:59:42

Interesting reading. There's definitely something in this as I do find taking her away and trying to soothe her gently works, but the crying and what seems like abdominal pain often starts after she's been asleep for an hour so hard to believe she's always overtired/overstimulated? Certainly gives me some ideas to try over next few days.
Great name by the way! I heart Patrick Dempsey! <3

MrsPatrickDempsey Thu 28-Jul-16 18:51:16

These early weeks are hard; however intuitive and responsive we try to be it can be a nightmare figuring out what's wrong. One bit of useful advice is often that if you are going to try something different, restrict it to one change at a time and give it a good period of time to evaluate its effectiveness. Oh - and Patrick is mine! Hands off!!!

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