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Vv anxious about moving DS from cm

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donuts1980 Tue 26-Jul-16 15:10:41

Hoping for some similar experiences or words of wisdom.
We are thinking of moving area and so will have to move DS from his current cm setting. He adores it there and we love it too. I've looked in the area we are thinking of and not found anything close to as good. There is a really good nursery which we are thinking of but it does make me nervous as its so different from cm setting. Also found a cm who is ok - not as amazing but fine - and can do a preschool drop off too. My DS will be 3 when/if we move. I think I still prefer idea of cm and then preschool when they are 3 plus rather than nursery although maybe now he's older nursery may suit better?
Anyway main anxiety is just moving him full stop so much so I'm thinking of not going back to work! But I want to go back to work!
Am I being completely over anxious? Is it nuts to worry about this so much? It keeps me up at night. Anyone else? Did u move settings and any issues or completely fine? If I analyse it it's probably to do with feeling like cm is kind of a surrogate gran replacement as I don't have any family help nearby here so no one else to fall back on.

LoveAfternoonTea Tue 26-Jul-16 19:48:42

We just had to change CM as ours had to give up. Was very worried as she was wonderful and DD was extremely happy there. She has always been a sensitive clingy child so was extra worried about how she would settle. We went with another CM and have been amazed how well it's gone. One difficult morning, a couple of difficult drop offs, and then completely settled and happy. Try not to worry too much.

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