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NO and Errrrm

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Suea76 Sun 24-Jul-16 17:58:56

These are the only 2 thing my toddler wI'll say at the minute, it is driving me mad. He can say plenty of other words but this last week this is all I get. He has gone from generally happy and chilled to shouty grumpy and generally not very easy to be around. He is 2 in 2 weeks is this the terrible twos??? How long will it last? Still eating and sleeping fine so don't think he's poorly.
Any tips on how to survive this intact?

Shelduck Mon 25-Jul-16 10:09:02

Sounds pretty normal, I'm afraid! Toddlers do go through grumpy phases, and it can feel pretty hard to like them when they spend all day being objectionable! "Terrible twos" is a bit misleading because it can start earlier and can carry on (in phases) for a few years. DS1 has just turned 4 and is just going through his biggest tantrum phase yet!

The two pieces of advice that spring to mind:
1. I find it helps to remind myself that this is all just part of their development. Your DC is growing into an independent person, and starting to learn about what he wants and what he doesn't want, and will feel frustrated to learn that he can't always have what he wants. If you think about how frustrating the world must feel to a toddler, it will maybe make you feel a bit more patient.
2. If you've had a day when he's really wound you up, and you're not particularly enjoying his company, go in to see him when he's asleep in bed, and he'll look so innocent and vulnerable, that it kind of makes you feel the love a little bit more. A little bit...!

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