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Taking our 3/4 month old on Honeymoon - am I delusional?!

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user1468166567 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:20:29

Hi All,

Fairly new here - not sure why it says User14681 as my name isn't that but anyhoo....

I am currently pregnant with my first DC - due 20th November, we get married end of March so baby will obviously be at wedding etc.

So, two things/questions for all you ladies/men;
Mil to be has already commented on how we are mad to entertain wanting baby in our room with us on the night of the wedding (I am planning to breastfeed all being well) but I don't see what difference it will make - I am not sure we will be having an all night party iykwim but she is insisting on having baby with her...lovely offer but I want my baby with me - am I mad to think this will be OK?! What have others done?

Also we are going on honeymoon the day after - 7nts in Mauritius and 3 in Dubai on way back so flights are 6hrs/7hrs/ etc. - am I mad to consider taking baby? Want baby need me at 3/4 months (depending on when he/she is born?) all my friends/mom etc. say baby will mostly sleep at that age and its a great age to take them away but others are like WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?! Mil obviously wants baby to stay with her for 10 nights.

How hard are 3/4 month old babies? Tell me honestly what you think!

user1468166567 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:21:59

Edited to add;

Flying with Emirates and have the bulkhead and bassinet the whole way and back...also taking pram with the buggy part - is that OK at that age?

purpleme12 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:23:04

It completely depends on the baby. Mine was an easy baby. I wouldn't have had a problem but others are different

tribpot Wed 20-Jul-16 19:27:38

If you're breastfeeding realistically the baby needs to be with you on the wedding night - there's no guarantee he/she will be willing to take expressed breast milk at this stage.

I would advise delaying the honeymoon. I can't see how you will enjoy it, either with or without the baby. If you want to go ahead, I would not recommend trying to leave a 4 month-old thousands of miles away, you will probably absolutely hate it.

user1468166567 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:30:35

Thanks Purplme12 & Tribpot

DEFO not going to leave the baby with anyone whilst away - I am defo going to judge how I am up to the wedding with baby etc. and like you say I could delay it I guess (Honeymoon).

Fingers crossed for an easy baby ha ha!

Coffeelover56 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:35:19

If you leave baby I would assume your milk would dry up unless you regularly expressed on holiday.

I have a 5 month old and I hate leaving him for a couple of hours, no way could I leave him for 10 days. I'd be miserable and wouldn't enjoy myself at all.

guineapig1 Wed 20-Jul-16 19:39:37

How you will feel is anybody's guess and how easy your baby is will entirely depend on your baby. There is no rhyme or reason. One of my DC slept perfectly for hour at that age. The other survived on what seemed like 20 mins sleep in every 24 hours from day 1!! It is a lovely offer from mil but your baby will be quite little. Whilst i'm not sure how relaxing a holiday you will have if it were me, i'd be reluctant to leave for that long at that age. If you don't feel comfortable, maybe say thank you to your mil but explain that you will take up her offer at a later date!

Btw, to give context, I say this as someone who has an excellent relationship with my inlaws and who left dc1 with dh (appreciate that's different) at 12 weeks for a weekend for sil's hen do and left both dcs (one with my parents and one with inlaws) for an european city break for dh's 40th when dc2 was about 9 months.

JinRamen Wed 20-Jul-16 19:40:43

We took our dc on honeymoon around that age. It was great that he got to be part of it smile

whatsagoodusername Wed 20-Jul-16 19:47:55

DC are easier to travel with at that age, generally. I took both my DC on 9+ hour flights when they were very young - much easier than at 1, 2, 3...

Don't commit either way on the wedding night until much closer to the time. It's a lovely offer and keep it as an option. You might hate it or you'll be very grateful grin

DurhamDurham Wed 20-Jul-16 19:52:54

We got married in Cyprus on my 27th birthday and we had our four year old and five month old daughters with us. It was brilliant, nineteen years ago and we still look back on that as one of our happiest holidays.
Our baby was so easy to look after, she was still being breastfed so it was a doddle. She was kept cool in the shade and we all went on lots of walks and meals out.
I think it gets harder once they're mobile, we've had stressful holidays when ours were five and a half and 18 months old, I don't remember relaxing very much around that time but it never put us off wanting to get away as a family.

Hope you have a lovely time if you do go

DurhamDurham Wed 20-Jul-16 19:53:43

Photographic proof of a very happy holiday!! grin

uhoh2016 Wed 20-Jul-16 21:48:20

Personal experience tells me it's a good age to take them away. They will be in a routine of sorts and happy to stay in pram majority of the time.
If you formula fees try to find out in advance if the milk you use is easily accessible, if not you can pre order from boots in the airport a few weeks before to pick up on your flight out.
I wouldn't hesitate to take dc with you. I took mine away at 14 weeks he was brilliant so easy, the only thing I didn't do was put him in the pool as he hadn't had all his injections.

user1468166567 Thu 21-Jul-16 12:33:05

Thank you for all your messages!

Love the pic DurhamDurham

I am going to just play it by ear - baby will be coming with us on honeymoon no matter where we go I think - I cant leave her/him here for that long.

tribpot Thu 21-Jul-16 14:59:51

No, quite right - I think that's the important decision out of the way and then as long as you're sure you'll be able to reschedule the honeymoon if you're not feeling up to it, you can decide much nearer the time.

Enjoyingthepeace Sat 23-Jul-16 12:47:04

Sorry OP, utterly impossible question to answer. We and you haven't met your baby yet!

Member121688 Mon 25-Jul-16 07:39:58

It definitely could be enjoyable but it really really depends on the baby. My first baby most definitely would not have been happy to spend time in the pram - she hated it and would only sleep on me so would have not slept in the bassinet the whole flight. She cried much of the day and would only nap in a sling. Not great in high temperatures. My second baby is much easier but personally would still not have taken him so far afield. But you might get a very easy baby and it could all work out fine. I'd just not book it yet or go for something nearer to home

MrsA2 Wed 27-Jul-16 21:38:08

I'd definitely say honeymoon with a small baby would be brilliant as they are so portable (particularly if breastfed - they will sleep on you after a feed on the flight most likely) but I probably would stay somewhere a little closer to home eg Europe. My DD only ever slept on me on flights and so a 9 hr, potentially overnight, flight would have not been fun. Also avoid anywhere too hot - under 30 degrees is so much easier with tiny ones.

Enjoyingthepeace Thu 28-Jul-16 08:50:00

*I'd definitely say honeymoon with a small baby would be brilliant as they are so portable*

Some are. Some are highly sensitive. All depends on what kind of baby OP has

CottonSock Thu 28-Jul-16 08:54:28

I'd wait and see too. I'm travelling with mine at 12 weeks but I'm booking near time in case she suddenly turns more difficult. I'd go closer to home probably. So much to see in Europe, but I'm not a fan of long haul. My DD went abroad 6 times before she was 2, it was generally wonderful. Enjoy

FuzzyOwl Thu 28-Jul-16 09:03:34

It wasn't our honeymoon but we took our baby on holiday when she was three months old and loved having her with us. She was a good sleeper though and already going through the night, but it wouldn't have mattered if she was constantly awake. As far as we were concerned, we were a family unit and we wanted to do things with her, not excluding her. I would have also wanted her with me on our wedding night if we had had her then.

Mommawoo Thu 28-Jul-16 13:11:54

Can mil come on honeymoon with you? I met a couple on holiday that did this and it worked perfectly as they got to eat romantic dinners,swim togethet etc. Of course it dependa on what relationship you have with mil!

Missgraeme Thu 28-Jul-16 13:15:08

Would u consider postponing the honeymoon til your first wedding anniversary? Then u might feel able to leave baby and enjoy yourselves? Have a week end away with baby after the ceremony tho!

JoandMax Thu 28-Jul-16 13:18:23

I would play it by ear and see how baby is doing nearer the time but as long as you're coping fine and the baby is reasonably settled then go for it!

As an aside, Dubai is very very baby and child friendly, you're fine to breastfeed anywhere and no problems taking babies and children to loads of restaurants in evenings so you'd have a great time! Weather end of March is lovely too, I wouldn't recommend bringing a baby here from June to end of Sept though if you decided to delay as its getting hot then....

waterrat Thu 28-Jul-16 19:19:35

We had the best holiday ever with our then 4 month old ds. We went in a camper van round France it was v hot. Great age as totally breastfed *and even if not bf at least just milk no need to think about food. so no danger of having to put crawling baby on floor. Good age to fly as they sleep a lot.

Your mil is quite crazy to suggest having such a small baby for ten days. I'd go so far as to say that might be deeply traumatising for your child !!

mouldycheesefan Fri 29-Jul-16 11:29:09

Choose a hotel with a crèche that has nannies for babies that young so you can at least get an hour child free time each day.
I have been to Mauritius and it is a long journey, the issue will be that baby will need to sit on your laps for which can make it a bit of an uncomfortable journey although you may be able to get a bassinet. They are very portable at that age although jet lag plus sleep deprivation equals hell. Time difference not too bad for Mauritius though. Heat in Dubai could be a challenge.

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