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Birthday party for 3 year old with friends - a must?

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dodi1978 Mon 18-Jul-16 20:43:58

My DS' 3rd birthday is in three weeks time.

So far, we have only celebrated his birthday with family. When he turned one, I didn't see a point of making a big thing out of it, when he was two we were on holiday.
I really wanted to do something for him this year, but we are still doing works on our house, and we don't want to spend a weekend cleaning and preparing - we need every spare hour to get our hallway ready as I am 29 weeks pregnant.
On the weekend after his birthday, his nursery is organising a walk at a local beauty spot, so I was thinking of organising a picnic afterwards for some of his nursery friends and some NCT friends. But I am just not sure if it is essential at this age.... I'll get plenty of presents and attention from us and his grandparents!

When did you start inviting friends to a kids birthday party? In a way, I don't think it is really essential this year, but I want to get him used to occasions such as these (we never have play dates at our house because of ongoing building works). He goes to nursery full time though, so he is generally very happy around other kids!

And... what should I do next year? His birthday is in early August, and he will start reception in September at just 4 years old. Do a party right in at the beginning of the year, as a sort of get-to-know-each-other-make-lots-of-friends?

Any suggestions appreciated!

ChocolateButton15 Mon 18-Jul-16 21:07:43

My little one is the same age as yours and this is the 1st party we are doing for her. She asked for a party though or I wouldn't have done one as I don't think it's really important if they don't ask/want one. I have just invited her pre school class and hired an entertainer. I'm doing it at the end of term rather than summer holidays as was worried that people would forget or be on holiday.

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