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Is it ok to have a baby in a one bedroom flat?

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user31101993 Mon 18-Jul-16 20:01:37

Is it ok to have a baby in a one bed flat? Not sure how long we will be here for and worried about space and (I know I shouldn't) but what people think!!

Mummamayhem Mon 18-Jul-16 20:03:54

It's absolutely fine all that matters is baby is loved and cared for. Eventually it might be a pain in the neck space wise.

cookielove Mon 18-Jul-16 20:04:35

Yes of course it's fine smile

scurryfunge Mon 18-Jul-16 20:06:32

Of course it is ok. You just need to think long term and whether this will suit a toddler/school aged child.

Natsku Mon 18-Jul-16 20:12:00

Of course it is! You just have to think about the future and when you will move to a bigger place. When DD was born we lived in a studio flat - it wasn't until she was around 2 that she had a bedroom of her own.

Normandy144 Mon 18-Jul-16 20:12:16

It depends on how big the flat is I think. It's doable but once they start walking it's harder I think. I say this as someone who had their first child while living in a large 2 bed flat and then moved to a smaller 2 bed flat. Both were fine with one child but then we had a second child and the two months we stayed in the flat before moving to a 3 bed were difficult to say the least!

avocadosweet Mon 18-Jul-16 20:15:46

Yes we were in a 1 bed until DD was 2. It was fine - I miss it now I've got stairs to run up and down all day, and a whole house to clean! We'd have stayed longer if we weren't ttc.

Ilovewillow Mon 18-Jul-16 20:18:21

Yes of course, the baby will be with you initially anyway however many bedrooms you have.

villainousbroodmare Mon 18-Jul-16 20:22:00

Not only fine but v convenient!

PerfectlyPosed Mon 18-Jul-16 20:28:35

We were in a one bed until DD was about 5 months. We would have happily stayed but our financial circumstances changed so we were able to upgrade. I actually think DD was a better sleeper when she was in with us, don't know why.

cookiefiend Mon 18-Jul-16 20:32:09

We did until DD was a year and a half. It was great (though we were lucky in that we had quite a good bit of storage space). We co- slept with DD in the end, which made the whole thing even easier. I enjoyed it, she didn't notice. Just keep reminding people you like in a one bedroom flat or they will buy ridiculously large gifts <looking at you little brother, a little tykes bloody giant car is not a 'small gift'>

user31101993 Mon 18-Jul-16 21:26:49

Thank you so much. You've all been so helpful and really reassured me, the longest it'd be is 4 years and that would be the absolute max. The bedroom is big enough for King size bed, wardrobe, cot etc. And the living is the same size as my friends who have a three bed house. smile

CuppaTeaAndAJammieDodger Mon 18-Jul-16 21:33:34

Of course - worst comes to worst you could always look in to a loft bed for you and DP.

AntiHop Mon 18-Jul-16 21:34:59

I share a bedroom with my 22 month old dd. I hope we can move by the time she's school age.

user31101993 Mon 18-Jul-16 22:24:05

Thank you Cuppatea that's such a smart idea, although we are in flat we do have our own loft so worst case scenario could look into extending. Thanks again everyone xx

badg3r Mon 18-Jul-16 22:31:43

Day is 19 mo and it is fine for us. Less cleaning, easy to watch DS from pretty much anywhere in the flat, and I arranged the bedroom furniture so I could see the telly (in the lounge) from the bed - great for feeding to sleep wink

BexusSugarush Tue 19-Jul-16 08:54:49

There's nothing wrong with it, as long as you're aware (as everyone else has said) that you will need more space pretty soon. We have a 6mo in a 2 bedroom flat and we've run out of room. It's surprising how much space a baby takes up. But if you buy baby-items according to your space, and sell/pass on anything baby has grown out of/no longer uses, that can help save space. Dd's bedroom is currently full of boxes of old clothes she no longer fits into!

Lweji Tue 19-Jul-16 08:56:11

We did. We moved when he was almost 3.

GrassW1dow Tue 19-Jul-16 13:51:44

of course its doable and plenty of people the world over do it. But it would drive me nuts. But thats just me. depends a lot on what you're like. Freedom to go to bed and make a bit of noise/keep the light on is liberating after a day with a baby. It felt wonderful once DS slept in his own room.

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