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Better Birthday Gift Not on List - Yes or No?

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gill9152 Mon 18-Jul-16 10:21:15

My son will be 10 in August (quite a young 10 in some ways and not others). He knows kinda the amount of money limits that his birthday present comes under and so wrote a list (as I asked him to) of 5 presents that he would like me and his grandparents to surprise him from. All are lego. The most expensive one is £39.99 he wont put down anything higher than this - not because I have said so, that's what he thinks we can afford. So anyway, found a Nexo Knights Fortress on Amazon that's massive and looks ace compared to any of the ones on his list and affordable at £55ish but do I take the risk and buy something not on his list (but bigger and better in my opinion) that he might think is the best thing ever! or not? He will still have some of the other smaller lego things off his list. And couple of other things not on his list, like a book, etc. He tends to forget theres more in the world than lego lol.

Sometimes he can be really funny though (slight autism/aspergers traits - current assessment ongoing) and I read it wrong, hence asking for advice here?

NattyTile Mon 18-Jul-16 10:25:29

Ask him?

chunkymum1 Mon 18-Jul-16 10:37:16

Could you 'by chance' come across a picture of this on your phone/computer when he's around and say something like 'Oh. I've never seen one of these before have you? to get him to look. You'll probably be able to tell from his reaction whether he thinks it's cool or crap but without having to directly ask him (assuming you were hoping to make it a bit of a surprise).

Failing that, could you send it back unopened if he doesn't like it- just tell him you weren't sure so if he'd prefer the one off the list you'll exchange it.

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