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Holiday tips with 4 mo

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bugsey123 Sun 17-Jul-16 22:57:08

Title says it all really, luckily my family have a place abroad so we are going for a short holiday when lo is around 4mo love to hear your tips of how to make it easier xx

Laquila Sun 17-Jul-16 23:02:37

- Baby Jogger City Mini
- Gro Anywhere blackout blind
- Take a lot more nighties/PJs than you think you'll need, same with dummies if you use them
- Arrange to get nappies and wipes out there if poss
- Use packing cubes to separate baby's clothes/bedding from yours in your luggage
-Pack one cube with "bedtime stuff" so that if you get there in the evening, all you have to do if open that one cube with nightie/dummy/blanket/gro-bag/teddy etc

If going somewhere hot:

- Get an SPF 50 pop-up tent for the beach
- Get sunhats with ties so they stay on
- Take Ultrasun Family Formula once-a-day suncream

bugsey123 Sun 17-Jul-16 23:04:43

Wow lots iv not thought about! Especially the pop up theme and hats! Thanks star

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