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Sicky baby

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GenevaJoey Sun 17-Jul-16 22:17:13

My baby is 6 weeks old today and ebf. Things seemed to be setting down: she was sleeping more at night and having some good naps in the day. It was by no means perfect- she feeds very often and wasnt sleeping through or anything but we were getting by. But the last few days she has been crying a lot, and been sick much more often. Sometimes quite big amounts. Sleep has been more erratic, especially at night. I am not sure whether this is normal baby stuff or whether I should see a doctor. She'd hardly been sick until a couple of days ago. Just not sure what to do?.

Flumpnugget Sun 17-Jul-16 22:40:35

Always best to check in with your HV at this age, however, IME at about this time, babies are feeding more and more to build your supply up, but they don't always need everything they take, and the sickiness is bringing back what the stomach can't handle.

Other possibilities are reflux or even a tummy bug. But do go and check it out if you are concerned or if there are other issues accompanying it.

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