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six year old dd driving me nuts

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diamond457 Sat 16-Jul-16 19:01:49

Just back from a family holiday. Dd loved it and went to kids clubs everyday, loved it. Apart from that she was a bit of a pain. Demanding to go to the big pool all the time, starting up when we said we were doing an activity first. Wasn't interested in anything unless there was a friend to play with.

At home and I'm pulling my hair out. Follows me around the house. If she's upstairs content and playing and hears me go downstairs she drops everything and follows me. I can't put tv on without her demanding what she likes. When I say no I can't hear the telly and its not worth watching. She loves my little pony and I can't tolerate it.
She constantly demands her tablet and I only let her play it an hour a day and she kicks off when ever I take her off and refuses to do anything.

Doesn't listen or do anything she's told. Constantly pulls faces, swipes at me and dp and whispers things under her breath. The more irate you get the worse she gets.
She doesn't do shops or anything that doesn't involve heaps of fun for her.
Getting her to do a simple task such as putting shoes on or brushing teeth takes 20mins each task with a load of whining in between.

At my wits end and struggling to enjoy her at the moment.

LizKeen Sat 16-Jul-16 19:12:31

Sounds really tough. I have one that is similar, and its really hard when they need constant input from you.

How does she get on at school or when you aren't around?

diamond457 Sat 16-Jul-16 19:27:04

It's the constant input that is exhausting. I always remember as a child going up to my room and playing with toys, always doing something and entertaining myself.
At school she's great, model behaviour apparently. Although I do know she lacks confidence with friends. She wants one best friend and that's it. She hates when anyone plays with her best friend and then excludes herself and blames her friend for ignoring her. But I've seen it and its her that gets jealous and excludes herself and gets upset.
She also climbs all over me and ends up hurting me or I end up hurting her. For example in the supermarket today I pick up a multipack of cans and turn round and smack her head with them by accident because she always invades my personal space and ends up in the way!!

I wish I was one of these mums that can constantly entertain their child with toys playdoe and jigsaws but I'm not one of these mums that can get on the floor and play.
We do a bedtime story every night, watch dvds together at the weekend. Bake together and go walks, trips to park and days out so I don't think I'm doing too badly there.

LizKeen Sat 16-Jul-16 19:36:32

She sounds really like my 7yo. We are currently going through the assessment for ASD.

Have you ever considered anything like that?

I don't want to upset you or anything. I am in no way qualified. Its just that a few things are really similar to my DD. The constant need for input, the personal boundary stuff, the taking ages to do simple tasks, the model behaviour at school, but difficult at home, the issues with friendships.

For so long I was tearing my hair out with my DD. I didn't know what to do. I was blaming myself for not playing with her more, but like you I did loads with her, baking, days out just us etc.

diamond457 Wed 20-Jul-16 13:01:22

Sorry for late reply.
The behaviour has been quite recent but I will keep an eye on it and if it persists I will look into it.
Summer holidays are the worst too.

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