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Nappy rash cream

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hiya134 Fri 15-Jul-16 19:23:34

Not sure where to post this?
Dd is 5 months and has got bad nappy rash today for the first time ever, what is the best cream to use would you recommend?

GemPen Fri 15-Jul-16 19:25:20

Zinc and caster oil has been great for me

bloomburger Fri 15-Jul-16 19:26:10

Metanium is the best you can buy IMO.

icklekid Fri 15-Jul-16 19:26:49

Yes to the yelkow metanium- amazing stuff

HeffalumpHistory Fri 15-Jul-16 19:48:54

Another for Metanium. It stains though. You only need w really tiny amount & clears it up in no time

MiniLop Fri 15-Jul-16 19:52:00

Another vote for metanium, but as Heffalump said you only need a tiny smear, don't be tempted to slather it on! Also as much nappy free time as you can (on a wipe-clean floor!)

GreenSand Fri 15-Jul-16 19:53:17

Or Bepanthan

storynanny Fri 15-Jul-16 19:53:23

Metanium is magic
I can still recall the smell and colour of it 25 years on!

Dixiechick17 Sat 16-Jul-16 00:07:11

Metanium ointment the yellow one is great, I also found palmers cocoa bottom butter really good, my DD had open sores and it really helped.

Kummerspeck Sat 16-Jul-16 00:10:15

Avoid anything greasy like sudocrem or zinc and castor oil if you use disposable nappies. The oil gets onto the nappy surface so it absorbs less, urine is kept in contact with skin and nappy rash gets worse.
Agree with Metanium as it is dry and doesn't transfer

SomeDaysIDontGiveAMonkeys Sat 16-Jul-16 00:28:07

Sudo cream. The holy grail of bum creams grin

SomeDaysIDontGiveAMonkeys Sat 16-Jul-16 00:30:21

Kummer. Good to know (for when I have grandchildren). We used terry towelling nappies when ours was a bub.

Strokethefurrywall Sat 16-Jul-16 00:42:07

Another one saying yellow metanium - I think it's so great that I stock up on it when I'm back in U.K. And give to friends with new babies!

readyforno2 Sat 16-Jul-16 00:48:31

Baby oil to clean instead of wipes which can aggravate it. As pp have said, yellow metanium. It's magic stuff

AntiHop Sat 16-Jul-16 01:04:23

Metanium plus some nappy free time.

hiya134 Sat 16-Jul-16 09:36:33

Wow I had no idea metanium was so popular grin I actually have been using that but wanted to get the one which worked best (which it looks like I already have!) I'll carry on using it thensmile she's had lots of nappy free time today and yesterday and it's worked wonders, rash noticeably clearer already! Thankyou all!flowersflowers

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