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is this not the most stupid invention ever invented?

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nappyaddict Wed 24-Jan-07 18:08:22


its a lot easier to do this without the carseat you know!

Flumpytina Mon 29-Jan-07 20:08:17

One of the testamonials from the Coocoose web page:

Mrs. Austin, London
Love it! I thought perhaps I might be buying another extraneous product (as happens when being a new parent) but this really is lovely and makes bathtime more relaxed and cuddlesome!
Thank you.

Oh Mrs Austin, I believe you have indeed fallen foul of extraneous baby purchasing psychosis.

nappyaddict Mon 29-Jan-07 19:39:55

what about this?

what's wrong with an ordinary towel?

must admit my 7 month old enjoys a spa bath, but our big bath is a spa bath. would never bother buying him one especially!

Skribble Mon 29-Jan-07 16:52:23

Just to put the thread back on track , yes honestly baby toupees, thy even claim they are safe for 0-9mths.

Skribble Mon 29-Jan-07 16:47:12

Sorry the page turner was funny in the context of baby feeding, not for the use which this one is intended for .

That bath spa is crazy, is that for when mummy can't be arsed shaking her hand about in the water to make bubbles.

SoupDragon Mon 29-Jan-07 15:47:18

Have you read the comments for the potty mitts? Hilarious!! And why does the turd in the picture have mitts on when he is the cvause of the problem??

Flumpytina Mon 29-Jan-07 15:00:06

Oh God Schnizel you are right...I don't believe it. I weep for the future.

nappyaddict Mon 29-Jan-07 13:17:07

baby toupees why?

baby teepees ... good idea but personally i just stick a muslin on!

oh yes and lets just put lo in a bag while he has his lunch!! a sling is much more practical!

that trolley cover is hideous aswell. although i must admit to wiping highchairs in cafes with antibacterial gel! i work in a restaurant i know where those cloths have been thats my excuse.

hmmm potty mitts why can't they just wash los hands after going to the toilet?

waterproof gloves yes .... gloves which attatch to your pram? again why!

and those fake mummy hands might be a good idea if they weren't the size of giant hands!

i must admit to wanting the baby rocker though but they were too expensive when ds was born.

SchnitzelVonKrumm Mon 29-Jan-07 11:11:35

just come across this . Decline of western civilisation, anyone?

bettythebuilder Mon 29-Jan-07 10:47:15

<<crossing legs and wincing>>

SoupDragon Mon 29-Jan-07 10:24:22

Generally speaking, a vaginal birth doesn't involve a surgeon sticking his hands inside for a good rummage though, lady007pink

NAB3 Sun 28-Jan-07 18:33:48

Great for your back.........

3andnomore Sun 28-Jan-07 18:32:35

Bagpuss, lol at those ummy mits...what is the point in those? I don't get it!

Pretty Candles...when I was pg with ms I actually saw A "Mummy skateborad" looked so was in a german Buggy Brochure, but have been unable to find them anywhere

Asur, the watertot is not all that new an invention, you can get otehr slings also in material that dries quickly etc...I can actually see teh appeal of such a sling (not the Watertot, though, as I hate thaose kind of Slings and especially in that outward position)

Catbert...rofpmsl at teh Diaper alarm thing, lol!

Skribble, just must have a Babycage, lol! And that baby Burper....pmsl And those huge hands things...lovely...wouldn't freak any Baby out at all, lololol!
The Snot attachement thing just looksd plain evil though! Surely there is a danger you suck up more then just snot...maybe some brain mass, lol!
But the Page turner is obviously a more serious invention for people with special needs!

lady007pink Sun 28-Jan-07 16:54:36

Crazylazydaisy, you're right. I've never been through that trauma, but I wonder why my Caesarean scar is 20cm across. Women are expected to push their baby through a small hole, but a surgeon (usually a man) needs a bigger one to take out a baby!

lady007pink Sun 28-Jan-07 16:49:09

Sorry, dueat44, I didn't realise this - it's definitely an invention that makes sense now you've pointed it out.

gingermonkey Sun 28-Jan-07 16:44:45

crazylazydaisy, that was just Eve's punishment for eating that f-ing apple and getting flirty with a snake. That woman has a lot to answer for.....!!!!

dueat44 Sun 28-Jan-07 13:23:36

The electronic page turner is surely for quadraplegics - hence the 'sip and puff' straw operated mechanism? Not funny then.

crazylazydaisy Sun 28-Jan-07 12:33:32

FWIW i think the most cazy invention is a hole that widens to 10cm MAX - that you have to push a small human being out of - weighing anything up to 11lbs

lady007pink Sun 28-Jan-07 12:01:13

I was in bed last night trying to think of more weird or wacky inventions, and see if Skribble could find them. How about a machine that can lift baby and walk around when it cries?

lady007pink Sun 28-Jan-07 11:59:02

Skribble, you're a scream!

Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 22:56:04

Page turner

lady007pink Sat 27-Jan-07 22:42:15

And thanks, Skribble, for the belly and hands! Now can you find me a stand with a metal frame on top in which I can place a book, and use a remote control to turn the pages while I breastfeed my baby???

lady007pink Sat 27-Jan-07 22:36:23

Thank you, Skribble, for the automatic baby burper!

wotzsaname Sat 27-Jan-07 22:11:39

LOL oh my tis all gone marketing mad. save your money this is all crazy stuff, as you all well know. use your arms and put mobile phone down and talk to baby!

gingermonkey Sat 27-Jan-07 21:54:19


Skribble Sat 27-Jan-07 21:53:42

Boring husband and lots of time on the net.

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