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is this not the most stupid invention ever invented?

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nappyaddict Wed 24-Jan-07 18:08:22


its a lot easier to do this without the carseat you know!

nappyaddict Mon 28-Jan-08 09:30:27

i have to add this to the list.

AlwaysTheMummy Sun 04-Feb-07 23:25:39

i've just calmed myself down after reading putting the funpod into the pool, pmsl, these inventions are just hilarious.

rachelhill Sun 04-Feb-07 21:54:20

I have a new one...

nappyaddict Sun 04-Feb-07 02:00:50

can you imagine trying to go up hill? and how would going downhill work with no brakes!

nappyaddict Sun 04-Feb-07 02:00:24

what would you think if you saw someone on a mama board?! that seems like much harder work than walking if you ask me!

rachelhill Sat 03-Feb-07 21:39:09

The really scary thing is, there are several people out there buying these things and thinking they are doing A GOOD THING.

I'd quite like a Mummy board big enough for me to hide in so I can get a break from looking after my LO

hollyhobbie Sat 03-Feb-07 19:39:19

By PrettyCandles on Fri 26-Jan-07 22:30:35
I'll tell you what I want someone to invent: a Mummyboard. THat's a Kiddyboard for me to stand on, so that I can scoot the buggy along with one leg, and then ride. you go!

UniSarah Fri 02-Feb-07 21:02:30

Baby bath spa ! my boy creates his own by farting.

Kif Fri 02-Feb-07 16:44:22

madmarchie! It's like a cafe, but at home, and the baby is too small for choosing!

Toothyboy Fri 02-Feb-07 15:42:39

I know it's way back on the thread, but I'm crying with laughter at the poor little boy hanging over the toilet door!! Who would do that and !!

madmarchhare Fri 02-Feb-07 15:07:55

I vote this the most useless thing ever.

nappyaddict Fri 02-Feb-07 15:02:36

i duno i guess it depends on the baby. my ds hates being cuddled and handled. ifhe is very tired or grumpy he wont let me feed him holding him so i have to prop his bottle up with him in a chair. only problem is he is forever dropping it. am quite seriously thinkig about one of these bottles

Kiff Fri 02-Feb-07 03:42:34

Not'horrible' on a baby who needs it - but quite unsettling on one who doesn't. It'd feel to me like i was 'wishing' a feeding tube on him.

think this degree oh 'hands free parent is a slipery slope - perhaps in the interests of the parent, but not at all in the intrests of the baby

nappyaddict Thu 01-Feb-07 23:32:37

i tend to lay a towel on the floor and lie ds on that and then give him a cuddle.

mmm i do agree it does look like a hospital tube but they don't necessarily look horrible. my friends baby was fed through a tube like that for months and i think it would really upset her if she thought people thought it looked horrible! and i think its better than having the baby scream in the back of the car or in the pushcair because they are hungry but obviously you can't feed them cos you're not an octopus!

luckily ds is now old enough to shove some fruit in his hand and that will pacify him til i can feed him.

Kiff Thu 01-Feb-07 23:19:43

the feeder is horrible because it looks like a hospital feeding tube

Kiff Thu 01-Feb-07 23:18:52

errr... the towel thing is fab,nappy addict.

Am I the only one that instinctively brings ds straight up to my chest when i get him out the bath, so ending up soaking wet?

He's too slithery to juggle into a towel first.

nappyaddict Thu 01-Feb-07 23:05:43

oh no i wouldnt use it with a newborn unless i had multiples.

JoPG Thu 01-Feb-07 18:16:21

Guess it's not too bad for older babies, but not too nice for a newborn.

nappyaddict Thu 01-Feb-07 14:59:42

i must be a horrible mum then! i am forever sticking ds in his chair with a bottle so i can get on and do stuff.

does no one think they would even be a good idea for when baby needs feeding in the car or his pushchair?

i know mums with twins who found them a godsend.

JoPG Wed 31-Jan-07 18:27:02

Eidsvold - That baby feeder thing is horrid! Breastfeed or bottle feed? A personal question, but at least we all want to cuddle our baby when he/she is feeding.

Skribble Tue 30-Jan-07 12:37:23

Goodness you need never touch your baby again with all these inventions.

nappyaddict Tue 30-Jan-07 09:05:04

actually i was wondering the other day if there was something out there that would hold ds' bottle for me so i could get on with things.

eidsvold Tue 30-Jan-07 05:58:24

here is one..



Skribble Mon 29-Jan-07 22:16:41

Oh I love the towel apron, just think you could wear it all day in case you come across stray just out of the bath babies that need drying. You never know when and emergency drying situation may arise so best to be prepared. Means you don't have to litter up the towel rail with a towel either.

MerlinsBeard Mon 29-Jan-07 20:20:35

that coocoose is a great idea!

the poo in the link down th epage (for the potty mitts) is Mr Hanky the christmas poo from south park (so says DP)

Can't believe some of those patents skribble!!

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