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is this not the most stupid invention ever invented?

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nappyaddict Wed 24-Jan-07 18:08:22


its a lot easier to do this without the carseat you know!

hana Wed 24-Jan-07 18:09:39


junkinmytrunk Wed 24-Jan-07 18:09:43

Have they not heard of a sling???????

SparklyGothKat Wed 24-Jan-07 18:10:45

WTF is that!!!!!????? imagine it bashing into you stomach...

Ceolas Wed 24-Jan-07 18:12:10

All that weight round your neck.


fannyannie Wed 24-Jan-07 18:13:42

you've obivously never had a child that would instantly wake and SCREAM if you tried to take them out of the car seat to move them into the house/whereever you're going if they were asleep.........

I had one of those children and it was hell - though not sure I'd buy one of these.

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 24-Jan-07 18:17:04

if i hung ds2 round my neck in his car seat, i would be crawling on my hands and knees. the seat alone weighs a ton!
also would have thought you would tons of bruises with this contraption on, muchmore than when you carry it normally, the way it is intended to be carried, like a basket?

fannyannie Wed 24-Jan-07 18:20:39

I always had to try and carry the DS's car seats infront of me like that - as I simply couldn't hold it by my side - ended up with bruises all over my legs carrying down on the side.

wurlywurly Wed 24-Jan-07 18:21:49

ive got back ache just looking at it.

NannyL Wed 24-Jan-07 18:44:08

OMG... agree it would be much eaiser not to use one!

NappiesGalore Wed 24-Jan-07 18:48:08

well its right up there in the stupid invention olympic finals, thats for sure.

CocoLoco Wed 24-Jan-07 19:59:46

That is REALLY funny

UniSarah Wed 24-Jan-07 22:56:53

Right up there with the wipes warmer, belt clip bottle holder( for the cowboy mom whos quick on the draw?) and the thud guard (for NT kids).

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:18:41

This is the epitome of what pisses me off.

What really depresses me is that in this stunted, bourgeois sterile hell of a society, the only way new parents can find to express these toweringly powerful unfamiliar emotions of love, protectiveness and joy is to SPEND more and more and more on superfluous equipment and gadgetry for their baby.

A friend of mine was so choked with pride and delight when they were expecting their first child that it was a joy to see, I had never seen him stand up really straight before! So they went out and bought a moses basket, a carrycot, a travel cot, a swing crib, two pushchairs, a baby swing, a vibrating bloody baby seat - it's the sheer naked cynicism of these profiteering capitalist monsters who have identified a bottomless source of revenue in the insecurity and heightened emotional state of new parents. They prey upon our most precious human experiences to line their filthy pockets.

Bit long, sorry.

JackieNo Wed 24-Jan-07 23:19:16

This , mildmanneredjanitor?

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:22:05

Ah Greeny,couldn't have put it more eloquently myself.
Yes,it's unbelievably ridiculous,poss. even more so than a banana guard or a mug tree.

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:23:32

banana guard?!?!?

<<soft "plup" noise as head implodes>>

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:24:40

A lakeland favourite apparently.

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:28:41

Have googled.

There is no God

gingermonkey Wed 24-Jan-07 23:29:00

ok, don't we have ARMS to carry the car seat? Or just to carry the baby in without the car seat?
And when you are desperate for a pee, would you really be able to assemble the over the toilet door toddler dangling device before pissing yourself??? (I wouldn't). Very silly gadgets, very very silly (but someone somewhere has invented these and is presumably making some money from them - that's even stranger)
Thank you for brightening my (otherwise dull) evening

moondog Wed 24-Jan-07 23:30:42

Ah,remeber those mad breastfeeding aprons someone linked to?
With a sort of visor to check on the baby.Fucking hilarious.

Linnet Wed 24-Jan-07 23:31:04

oh that baby door hanging contraption is so cute, lol Personally I wouldn't use one though.

Although I did find the blurb beside it quite interesting in that they seem to think that you shouldn't go to the toilet with a small child in tow.
It seems to be normal to pay an honest looking stranger to babysit them while you nip to the loo?

"The $60 Babykeeper may be the perfect solution for some, but we'll stick to the tried-and-true methods of either holding it in or paying an honest-looking stranger to act as temporary babysitter every once in awhile"

Is it just me or is that an odd thing to do?

Greensleeves Wed 24-Jan-07 23:31:41

Oh, and the little net things for babies to masticate lumps through? I got into trouble for saying they were bollocks.

hunkermunker Wed 24-Jan-07 23:34:26

This is a ridiculous contraption.

However, I have a banana guard. It is infinitely preferable to "squashed, brown banana in the bottom of the bag" which was the alternative.

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