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Family court

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Silvermockingbird Thu 14-Jul-16 11:43:27

I'm aware this is probably in the wrong section but it's the closest I could find, was supposed to be in court yesterday as my sons dad wants contact- all contact was stopped as I found out he was taking and selling drugs. My oh is a contractor and doesn't have any work on for the next 3 months, and I don't work and currently 6 month pregnant so money is so tight right now, still managed to scrape together the money for a solicitor to represent me (because legal aid won't anymore) and long story short OH and I had an argument just before court and he stormed out so I couldn't get there, and had no one to watch my son. I feel sick that all the money we payed for the solicitor is completely down the drain- and it's going to be an extra £400 next week for when they've adjourned the hearing to. I'm so hormonal lately there's no way I can represent myself, and no way we can afford this for the solicitor, so my overall question is what happens if I contact my sons dad and let him have him supervised by one of my relatives in a public place (as this is what my solicitor said could be the best case scenario for me) and he agrees? Would we still have to attend court next week? Please help!

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