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Christian neighbour has asked my 6 year old DS to stay away from her DD

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Time2Escape Wed 13-Jul-16 18:22:43

Hello! This is my first post so here goes..
Over the last few weeks my DS has become very good friends with a girl in his year 1 class. Last week she held his hand and kissed him on the cheek. My DS has been talking quite a bit about this girl, drawing pictures for her, playing at school with her and it all seemed rather sweet and innocent.
Yesterday at school pick up I mentioned to other mum (who has 5 other children and we think is possibly 'mormon') that my DS had bought her DD a little gift and other mum suggested we go round hers for a playdate after school today. We accepted and were looking forward to it.
Roll on this morning, drop DS off at school, at home at doorbell goes, other mum is there saying she doesn't feel comfortable with our children's relationship, thinks my son is 'sexualising' her DD, she only wants her DD to be in a relationship when her DD is getting married, he does not want my DS to give her DD the present, and she no longer wants my DS to be friends with her DD.
I am really stunned! I then had the pleasure of trying to explain to my DS that he can't hold the girl's hand any more and he can't really have playdates with her - he cried. Am heartbroken for him.
Has anyone else had a similar situation and how did you deal with it?

CocktailQueen Wed 13-Jul-16 18:25:13

She sounds batshit. Move on and ignore her.

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Wed 13-Jul-16 18:26:18

What did you say to her when she said your son was 'sexualising' her daughter?

JackieAndHyde4eva Wed 13-Jul-16 18:26:25


EarthboundMisfit Wed 13-Jul-16 18:27:11

I don't like it when people describe children who are friends as 'boyfriend and girlfriend'. Why can't the kids just be friends?

However, this woman sounds, to put it bluntly, mad as a box of frogs.

I wouldn't have told my DS he wasn't allowed to play with her any more, though. It could have been done subtly I think.

ThoraGruntwhistle Wed 13-Jul-16 18:27:11

Seriously? Wow. That child is going to have issues.

Gingermum Wed 13-Jul-16 18:28:46

So many of these Christian types (not all) are just bigots, which they justify by saying, 'ooh it's not me who hates gay people/sex before marriage/any kind of fun - it's The Bible.'

Secondly, I swear these people are obsessed with sex.

PerspicaciaTick Wed 13-Jul-16 18:30:46

At least she is publicly advertising her very odd attitudes. But I would be furious at her implication that your DS is behaving like some sort of predator.
I'd be giving the class teacher a heads up on the situation too.

JackieAndHyde4eva Wed 13-Jul-16 18:54:10

What did you say when she said this OP?

Time2Escape Wed 13-Jul-16 20:07:33

Deadly serious fellow mnetters. I was stunned so stood there looking a bit stupid! I talked to my mum who also recommended me discussing it with the school. Which I hope to do tomorrow am. Regarding the 'sexualising' comment I did say I didn't believe my DS was doing that bearing in mind their age! Of course I respect other people's religious beliefs but this was such an overreaction in my view.

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