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Teenagers, screens and school holidays

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marl Wed 13-Jul-16 14:06:27

Any of you have any suggestions to help with arguing that DS1 age 14 should not be sitting watching tv during the day during the holidays? He does that most evenings which is fine by me when he doesn't have clubs to go to, but my feeling is it is passive and doesn't help him in thinking of other things to do. We have two other younger ones so I also think it's a poor message for them. He thinks I am totally unreasonable and that's what all his friends do - play on and watch screens. My feeling is that he should organise to see friends, have them over and do 'other stuff'. He is unable to think of what that 'other stuff' may be... I would not have been allowed to do that in the holidays as a teenager (in the last century admittedly), but what do you all think? He has a week organised for music activities which he enjoys, but as yet no other plans...

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