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After school routine for primary school kids- please share yours

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AmyAmoeba Tue 12-Jul-16 21:38:02

I'm trying to get a handle on our after school routine. I know that once I do our lives will be harmonious and idyllic all running through meadows in floaty dresses please tell me about yours.
What do you feed the kids and when? ( I'm torn between the merits of snack-substantial dinner- bedtime snack. Vs. Substantial lunch and later dinner).
Do you do homework straight away or do they play first. ( homework goes faster here if we do it straight away but in winter that means missing the daylight for outdoor play)
how / do you convince tired weary children to clean up after themselves at the end of the day?
What happens at bedtime?
Do you manage to get any one on one time with individual kids (something my eldest really needs with me, but by the time the younger are asleep I'm exhausted too and just want a bit of adult time with Dh)

uhoh2016 Tue 12-Jul-16 21:46:25

My dc are 9 and 6 they're generally hungry after school so I put their tea on straight away meanwhile they will wind down watching some TV. If there's no football or swimming they might play out after tea until 6ish. Then it's bath time pj's on settle down to some reading/homework. They'll have some supper then watch TV in bed til 8.30 whilst I'm sorting baby out and lights off.
At least that's the general plan anyway doesn't always go that way

idontlikealdi Tue 12-Jul-16 21:55:01

How old are they?

DTs are just coming to the end of reception. They get a snack on the walk home, tea around 530 and up for teeth / stories / bed at 715, asleep by 745.

Next year I am planning on homework being non optional as soon as they get in. At the moment they don't have the iPad during the week but I think I may have to bribe them with half an hour after they're done with homework (which is by all accounts going to step up in yr1).

AmyAmoeba Thu 14-Jul-16 00:30:12

My youngest is 6 and the eldest is 8 so not far off yours uhoh but they can't handle late homework without an exhaustion meltdown. It sounds lovely in your house, snuggling in comfy pjs to do it!
idontlikealdi I don't have iPad on weekdays either, but it really is the ultimate bribe.

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