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2.5 year old doesn't play with toys

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MrBoot Mon 11-Jul-16 23:54:47

It is getting increasingly hard to get anything done as she just wants to watch tv and tantrums until we turn it on. Namely she just wants to watch Peppa Pig.

She has never really played with toys. At one stage she sort of showed an interest in dolls. Mainly doll's soothers. She gets engrossed in painting and flying a balloon and trying to grab whatever her older sibling has at that moment in time but she never really plays with toys.

When I sit on the floor she wanders off and asks for Peppa Pig, when we read together she is interested when she is tired and due a nap, when we go to the playground she likes the swing, only the swing If the swings are busy and we can't monopolise the swings, she asks to go home.

She likes 'doing' things like going for walks, helping me tidy up, 'helping' me unload the dishwasher, going swimming but she doesn't hold any affection for any toy in particular and I often wonder if I cleared out her entire playroom would she even notice.

FWIW I often rotate the toys. In hindsight the toys she might show a vague interest in all make noise of some sort.

I guess I'm wondering is this all 'normal'? I'm a little anxious that perhaps I need to do something differently?

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