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Lily1992x Mon 11-Jul-16 21:19:52

I really dont usually do these kind of things but i feel like i need to get my feelings out at the moment and actually have a good rant! I am a mother to a very independent and active 17 month old daughter, i adore her but at the moment i am at complete breaking point with her and everything else on top of that! I am so overtired due to her waking at 5 every morning and now she has started refusing her nap... I dont stop allday i am constantly cleaning, picking up after her and my partner!! I am finding it so hard to get the motivation to entertain her and go out and do things everyday purely because i am exhausted! Everything is a battle at the moment with her, she is very full on (never been a chilled baby) and im loosing my patience more and more with her! I hate snapping at her and feel like the worst parent!!

Coconut0il Mon 11-Jul-16 22:02:16

Rant away! I definitely feel like this sometimes. Do you get any time to yourself? A night out or a few hours at home on your own? DP can normally tell when I'm getting into this kind of mood and will take DS2 out. Even a small break can make a big difference.
If I've had a few bad nights I will either go to bed early, when DS2 was small I sometimes went up at 7 and DP bought DS up at 9 or DP would take DS down from 5-7am so I could sleep. I have no patience at all when I'm tired so get your sleep where you can.

EchidnaPorcupine Mon 11-Jul-16 22:10:56

Someone told me not to clean up in the middle of the day - only ever do it right at the end once DCs in bed. It's a good strategy - definitely helps you feel less hamster-on-the-wheel.

Naps can change - my nap-resister suddenly went from 20-30 minute naps to 90 minute naps at around 18/19 months. Fingers crossed!

Sorry if it's a stupid question - probably already considered but do you have blackout curtains in her room?

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