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Bathing baby everyday?

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carlywaa Sun 10-Jul-16 21:04:28

We have started trying to get our little boy into a routine & have been giving him a bath with the johnsons nighttime bath stuff every night but we are concerned that we are bathing him too often. He is 9wks tomorrow.
Thanks for any advice smile

TeaBelle Sun 10-Jul-16 21:06:05

We have always bathed dd every night with no issues

Peeporeader Sun 10-Jul-16 21:07:27

The Neo-natal nurses at the hospital (last year) advised us that it was not recommended to bathe them every day anymore and that once or twice a week was enough.

dontpokethebear Sun 10-Jul-16 21:08:40

We did every other night, with a top and tail wash in between. I didn't use any bath additives or body wash as I found them quite drying (and tbh babies don't really need it). But do whatever works for you.

confusedandemployed Sun 10-Jul-16 21:08:54

DD was bathed every night. She'said made it to 3yo without too many abnormalities.

And for the record,the bath was integral to her routine which,even now, means she's a dream to put to bed. So keep on keeping on would be my advice.

Swearwolf Sun 10-Jul-16 21:09:25

How is his skin? That would be my only concern, baths and soap can dry them out and make things like eczema worse. If he's OK and it's working for you why not? I don't think it's necessary for a routine though if you find it's not working, dd is 16 weeks and has about two baths a week, ds only started having a bath every day when he was weaning (and filthy), both have a decent bedtime routine. Do what works for you and don't worry about it!

Muskateersmummy Sun 10-Jul-16 21:09:35

We bathe every day. But avoid johnson's stuff like the plague as its very harsh on their skin. Dd has eczema and johnsons reacts very badly with it

splendide Sun 10-Jul-16 21:09:49

I think if his skin is fine then bathing everyday won't do any harm. We did a bath everyday from about 6 months I think - basically once he started getting food in his hair. No soap.

Heatherbell1978 Sun 10-Jul-16 21:10:35

I've bathed DS every night since he was about 3/4 weeks old (almost 2). When they're tiny they don't really need it for cleaning as such but it's good for tiring/relaxing them before bed and forms part of the bedtime routine which is important. Once they're being bathed they start to realise it means night time.

Rinceoir Sun 10-Jul-16 21:11:51

Mine loved her baths from early on, so has always had one most days. I just used plain water when she was little.

Heatherbell1978 Sun 10-Jul-16 21:12:17

And until DS was 6 months I would just put coconut oil in bath and no soap.

shitwithsugaron Sun 10-Jul-16 21:12:35

As for pp, we find it helps with the bedtime routine as DD knows it's time to wind down etc.

uhoh2016 Sun 10-Jul-16 21:13:56

I bathed every night it was part of our bedtime routine

crayfish Sun 10-Jul-16 21:14:12

We've always done baths every other night, but DS has dry skin.

badg3r Sun 10-Jul-16 21:17:48

Advice is only one or twice a week because of dry skin problems. You could try skipping the baby wash every other night or only using it once a week if their skin starts to get dry, and just bathing in water?

hownottofuckup Sun 10-Jul-16 21:18:07

PFB was bathed every day followed by baby massage in a dimly lit room with soothing sounds...
DS has a bath in the kitchen sink once a month week.
He's skin is better and he sleeps better at night without all the arsing about.

TitusAndromedon Sun 10-Jul-16 21:18:37

We bathed once or twice a week until the babies started weaning. Now we bathe them every other day. We also only used water until they were probably five months or so. I have psoriasis and I was very concerned that soaps would be too drying and would trigger eczema. I've read quite a few negative things about Johnsons. We use Earth Friendly Baby Lavender body wash and shampoo. The babies have gorgeous skin and no issues with dryness. They also fall asleep easily whether or not we include a bath in the bedtime routine.

NickMarlow Sun 10-Jul-16 21:19:18

We do every night, she loves it and its part of her bedtime routine.

She got very dry legs and arms when we tried some new bubble bath, so we switched back to Johnson's and that cleared it up.

JackieAndHyde4eva Sun 10-Jul-16 21:24:02

I did every night as part of bedtime routine. My DCs are older now and still love a daily bath.

Ilovenannyplum Sun 10-Jul-16 21:26:35

DS is nearly 2 and from around 4 months, he's has a bath every night.
It's just become our routine, I have touch wood never had any problems with him going off to bed and I think it's because we've had this routine implemented, he knows how our evenings go, dinner - bath - cuddles & story - bed

Plus it's easier to chuck him in the bath to shift the dinner he usually tries to wear as a hat confused
(And the purple johnsons smells gorgeous and I like to sniff his fluffy blonde head once he's all clean and wrapped up in a towel blush)

DowntonDiva Sun 10-Jul-16 21:30:26

DD has eczema, our dermatologist advised to bathe every day, twice if required. However we must always use oilatum in the bath.

carlywaa Sun 10-Jul-16 21:41:12

Thanks for the replies everyone!
He does need a good wash often cos he tends to get milk in his neck crease every time somehow haha.
Not had any problems with his skin so far but I will keep an eye on it. Sure he's sleeping better since we started the bath routine.

knittingbee Tue 12-Jul-16 19:55:26

That early on, I didn't bathe mine nightly. Started to do baths every night from around 3 months, I'm very picky about what I put in the water though. Plain water and organic lavender shampoo when they had hair.

T0ddlerSlave Tue 12-Jul-16 21:22:38

We bathe DD every other night, which I find a good balance. Means if it gets late we can skip it and it doesn't bother her.

user1467554098 Tue 12-Jul-16 21:27:17

I have to bath every day! Just think of all the sick poo we etc, in there creases top and tail just isn't enough for meI feel nice after a shower and a bath and unsure babies are the same. Saying thAt a few people I know don't bathe their babies daily just my preference grin

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