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Does anyone else not like their own kids?

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uhoh2016 Sun 10-Jul-16 18:57:26

Ds 1 and 2 are 9 and 6, I can't bare to be around them at the moment id gladly pack their bags for someone else to take them from me. I'm worn down and fed up of the daily usual shite.
They can't do ANYTHING at all they're asked to even the most simplest of requests are either ignored or just answered within a straight no, every God dam single thing has to be escalated to me screaming and shouting before they'll bloody move. It's not like I give them massive chores to do or anything it's literally as simple as getting dressed, brushing teeth or taking a plate away nothing that shouldn't be expected of them.
Meals are another issue even if I ask what they want for tea I can guarantee 1 or both will say I'm not eating it so it all ends up in the bin. Ds2 has refused 3 meals put in front of him today and is now asking for food, I've said no but now feel guilty that he's hungry.
I've been on anti depressants for about a year. I don't think I'm depressed I'm just fed up with the constant crap day in day out and genuinely wish I'd never ever had children .
Anyone fancy taking on 2 horrible boys?

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