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Pregnancy test

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oscarsmummyy Sun 10-Jul-16 05:20:29

Hi, I took a hpg yesterday around. 7pm-8pm it looked negative but something kept catching my eye and I've just looked at it now (5am) and there's a very very faint line with a hint of pink but my camera can't pick it up.. Does this sound like its positive?! I've just took another but again it looks negative but I saw a line for a few secs before the ink dried but then it went! I don't believe in the "only read within 5 mins" because it took 3 hours for my positive to show with my lb and they were strong lines x

babyblabber Sun 10-Jul-16 09:03:48

There's no way of knowing. It could be a positive but it could just as easily not be. The best thing to do is use first pee of the morning to do another test (even if it means waiting til tomorrow morning!). Is your period due/late?

oscarsmummyy Mon 18-Jul-16 10:54:31

AF has arrived, thank you for the support x

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