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help, section 7 cafcass report actioned by the court - i am worried

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Lollypop12 Fri 08-Jul-16 14:12:38

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me.
A brief outline of my situation is my child's dad has taken me to court as he has stated all contact was stopped. something that is untrue, I have never stopped contact and always promoted contact between them.
Dad wasn't happy as I asked dad for more routine and structure when it came to contact, Dad threaten to 'take our son' off me and started the court proceedings. Dad has emotional abused me for the duration of our marriage and it is believed he has taken this route as a way of belittling me and having control over me still.
Anyway following court hearing last week, cafcass requested a section 7 welfare report to be completed due to dads constant 'concern' that I am a unfit mother. Child is 2 year old and dad chucked us both out of the family home when he was 6 months old and left us both homeless. I have always been primary carer and dad has only ever wanted 1 night stay during the week and some day time contact.
I am very nervous about the cafcass report as I have never believed there has been any welfare issues and I have always put my child first throughout my divorce. Does anyone know what I am to expect?

I am very confident I am a brilliant mother, my son is the most polite and advanced child. I have worked since he was 8 months to provide for us both and put a roof over his head. he has only had a child-minder who has been registered by Ofsted as excellent and when I am not at work we are constantly doing things and spending time with family.
I feel very un nerved about it all and very scared that my ability to be a mother is being questioned all because of my exes lies.

thank you xx

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