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Newborn & tiredness = cranky OH

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MancMama Fri 08-Jul-16 09:53:55

RANT ALERT! Our daughter is 7 weeks old and for the past couple of weeks my husband has been walking (or should I say slumping) round the house, sighing, whinging, being half arsed about everything. I know he's tired from working all day but so am I. I'm at home tidying, cleaning, doing laundry, putting the cups he leaves on top of the kitchen surface in the dishwasher, emptying the overflowing bin, wiping down the kitchen tops after he's made toast (or killed it looking at the amount of crumbs), moving his shoes out of the middle of the living room floor, moving opened post to somewhere more sensible than in the middle of the coffee table, pay car tax, buy more baby gros, hoover, remember & buy our nephew a birthday pressie, arrange babysitter for friends wedding, sort outfit for wedding, move wet towel off bed, clean bathroom, replace toilet roll (so the next person doesn't have just 2 sheets!), pick up bath mat, move his toothbrush from top of sink to cabinet a foot above, put used nappy in the bin that's 2 foot away, close the sliding door wardrobe those final 2 inches, arrange daughters swimming for next term, grocery shop, cook dinner, rinse daughters poomagedon pants, sterilise bottles, suggest going out to cheer him up (along with subsequent planning that involves), etc etc. Oh and then the small matter of looking after our 7 week old baby and keeping her alive while I contemplate what's more important - going for a wee or eating! And my job isn't 9-5; Mon to Fri either. I'm awake 1-2 times in the night for feeds (cos he needs his sleep for work the next day!!!) He's great with our daughter when he's home, and i know his job is stressful (his boss has just gone on mat leave so he's in charge) but I'm getting a bit sick of this whiney attitude. When he is home I don't want to ask him to do something or help in case I get the sighs, huffs, over-the-top yawns. Talking about it will lead to rowing but staying silent means I'm just storing up this frustration and sooner or later I will erupt like one bad ass motherf*cking volcano! But the most annoying thing? He has the energy to go out with his brothers (wedding suit stuff) but instead of coming back at a normal hour, comes home at 1am pissed. And if he says one more thing about something needing doing in the garden, I'm gonna bury him in it! Especially when there's a list of jobs in the house that I can't physically do. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Okay rant over!

Timetogrowup2016 Fri 08-Jul-16 10:00:03

Make him do the jobs in the garden.

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