Anxiety about Nursery start!

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Rose138 Thu 07-Jul-16 09:56:16

Hello everyone,

My son will be turning 2 in November. He is starting nursery in September. I went back to work when he was 9 months old, three days a week (I'm SENCO in a primary school) with my husband having him for one of the days and my mum having him the other two.

He is going to start nursery 2 days a week and my mum will have him for one day. We will just see how it goes as to whether he does the third day at nursery too.

I'm just so anxious. I think this is normal? But I feel I'm worrying more or less every day about it. We looked round loads of different nurseries and the one we have chosen was our favourite and the one our son just seemed to love as soon as he walked in. I have three friends with children there too. It'll soon be summer holidays and I want to enjoy them with my son, so any calming words would be much appreciated please!

I had also hoped for him to do his settling in sessions during the summer holidays so by the time I go back to work and he starts properly he'll be more used to going there. However his teacher phoned me last week to say that she won't be in his class until September and his key person or the children in his class won't be there either so she has advised not starting his settling in sessions until September which will be the week I return to work! Would you do this or still ask if he can have a few 1 hour settling in sessions in August so he gets used to the environment?

Sorry I'm going on and on. Thank you for reading this.

Casmama Thu 07-Jul-16 10:03:36

I think I would be tempted to do a couple of settling in sessions for an hour with you there in August to help him get a bit more used to the environment.
I would also be tempted to go for the three days straight off as I have had friends do just one day and it is harder for the child I think as they get used to it then it is a whole week before going back so they have to get used to it all over again.
In terms of your anxiety I think you really need to work out specifically what you are worried in order to tackle it. If you are worried about him not settling then try extra settling in periods in August or if it is something else then try to find a specific strategy for that.

We all worry but the vast majority of kids settle quickly in nursery and really enjoy it.

Rose138 Thu 07-Jul-16 10:15:56

Casmama thank you so much for your quick and extremely helpful reply.

I've become more anxious since the phonecall advising him to start his settling in sessions the first week in September which is when I will be returning to work so I think you are 100% right on me booking some in for August. I really hope he does. I think you're right too about the three days so that he is used to it straight away.

Thank you again! Xx

isthistoonosy Thu 07-Jul-16 10:33:10

Can you organise play dates with the kids you know from his class for over the summer so he has some people he recognises when he starts?

Mine moved nursery (so not quite the same) at 2yrs 4 months (1 yr old started the same time) and tbh once he saw some kids he knew and some new toys, he couldn't have cared less whether we were still in the room. Try not to let it ruin your holidays, it really won't be as bad as you think, although I expect it will be far worse for you than it is for him.

Casmama Thu 07-Jul-16 12:02:44

Glad it was helpful 😃.
Before you know it you will be carrying him out underarm with him shouting "no mummy I don't want to go home" or maybe that's just mine blush

Rose138 Sat 09-Jul-16 12:30:43

When I spoke to his teacher she said she was hoping to arrange a picnic day during August so that the children (and parents) can meet each other. So hopefully this does go ahead.

Thank you all for your comments and reassurance! Xxx

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