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Discipling advice please!

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leeds84 Wed 06-Jul-16 19:37:44

So I've recently had a second child. My first is 21 months. He's lovely, funny and pretty strong willed.

He doesn't tend to have any major meltdowns, but there's often quite a few mini ones throughout the day. So if we have to leave the playground, or he can't have something that he wants etc. He's also started throwing alot. Today he was playing in his sandpit and started to get really frustrated (not sure about what) and throwing his spade and sand everywhere and screaming.

These types of episodes have increased since the arrival of DC2 which I guess areinevitable since it's a big change for him. I just wondered how you best deal with this sort of thing. I'm so aware of making him feel included and important at the moment, but I also don't want him to think that throwing things and screaming in frustration is the best way to express himself. I know he's only little still, I just want to help him the best I can.

Any advice or experience would be appreciated!

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