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How to handle sibling rivalry?

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user1467574387 Sun 03-Jul-16 21:03:45

I have an 8yo and a 6yo ds and a 3yo dd and I am wondering how to deal with sibling rivalry/jealousy. I can't seem to play with one without the others getting upset or angry or being mean to each other. They all want what they each have. What factors influence sibling rivalry?

skankingpiglet Sun 03-Jul-16 21:21:42

I'm new to the whole sibling thing as DC2 is still very very new (and I'm an only!), but DH had a lot of issues growing up as one of four as recently came out in some counselling sessions. He was really concerned about our children having similar problems and the counsellor recommended 'Siblings without Rivalry' which might be worth checking out? It's by the same author as 'How to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk' (which is excellent I thought, and also worth a read). DH has read it and said good things. It is still on my 'to do' list blush

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