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Huge support and advice needed. Split up and sharing the Child.

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friendhelp Sun 03-Jul-16 12:01:14

Hi there

Please can you offer any support to my amazing friend who is going through a terrible time.

My friend has been cheated on, twice. This time she wants to leave but she has been heavily insulted, made to think she is useless, mentally abused by her ex. She feels like she deserves this almost, like she doesn't deserve better.

They have a child together and the ex obviously wants to see the little one. My friend is really struggling with this. Not because she doesn't want them to see him but because she's a full time mum, the little boy is used to her more, they've never been away from one another and she has a massive fear of being away from him. So much so, that she even contemplates putting her own happiness on the line to stay!

Has anyone been through this? Have you got any words of comfort to show her this is going to be OK?

LillyMom Sun 03-Jul-16 22:27:22

Oh God. Same here. I feel like her and don't know what to say. All I can say is: Life sucks sometimes and we have to adjust to whatever it brings to us.
I went through hard times when my newborn was transferred to a hospital miles away in another town and I had to follow. I had never been away from my oldest child and suffered like hell away from her for many days, plus with a baby going through a lot.
I know, completely different circumstances, but the point is the fear to be away from the kid. In the end, I was constantly traveling with the baby back and forth between home and far away hospital for months and believe you or not, I got used to having someone else taking care of my three year old.
I guess it can be hard for her in the beginning, but she will eventually get used to it. Staying with him because of those fears is not a good choice, that's for sure. We get strength when we really need it, she must be brave. flowers

friendhelp Tue 05-Jul-16 10:04:46

She stayed sad

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