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Breastfeeding. Juice or water only

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SJMBABYLOVE01 Sat 02-Jul-16 21:40:43

Little boy is 11 months. Breastfeed and doing baby led weaning

His older sister drinks milk out of a beaker and juice out of a sippy, it's driving me mad but baby constantly wants to get his big sisters drinks. I know he's not thirsty or hungry, he's breast fed on demand and has a sippy of water, and three good meals a day.

My family seem to think I should give baby juice ( suger free) as that's what his sister has.

What do people think, should I avoid juice for as long as possible, or give in, would it affect breastfeeding.

Thanks for any thoughts or advice

ODog Sat 02-Jul-16 21:59:24

I can't see how it would affect breastfeeding and it certainly won't kill him. Just make sure teeth are brushed well.

SproutingParsnip Sat 02-Jul-16 22:00:28

I'd offer him water or cow's milk (full fat) unless he has allergies of course.
Additional liquid may affect BF as he is getting additional liquid elsewhere but your supply should compensate to match his BF demands.
Personally, I wouldn't offer juice.

WellErrr Sat 02-Jul-16 22:00:49

I've never given juice. If they're thirsty they'll drink water.

Up to you though. But not necessary smile

RadicalPessimist Sat 02-Jul-16 22:02:52

It won't affect breastfeeding at all but you don't need to give him cows milk or juice if you don't want to. If he's already having a sippy with water in it at mealtimes, why not let him have access to one at other times as well?

SJMBABYLOVE01 Sat 02-Jul-16 22:11:45

Thank you for all your help, he has open access to sippy of water whenever he wants. I'm going to stick with water as long as possible. Thank you

eurochick Sat 02-Jul-16 22:11:55

I wouldn't start on juice if you can avoid it (probably hard with his older sister having it). We only offer milk or water. Our daughter hasn't figured out other drinks exist yet. We are not going to be militant about it but don't see the point in introducing anything else before we have to.

RadicalPessimist Sat 02-Jul-16 22:16:00

eurochick my DDs are 7 and 4 and they still don't have juice at home. They might ocassionally have it when we go out or at a party but I have only ever offered water at home. DD1 doesn't particularly like juice and will ask for water in restaurants etc. I'm not militant about it either but I didn't see the point in introducing juice when they would drink water and milk.

SpoonfulOfJam Sat 02-Jul-16 22:21:56

Do you mean fruit juice or squash? As we call squash juice for some reason.

SJMBABYLOVE01 Sat 02-Jul-16 22:27:35

Watered down weak sugar free squash. Thanks

T0ddlerSlave Sun 03-Jul-16 20:34:11

I'd be trying to reduce sisters juice, perhaps just at meals? I used to only drink squash and stopped when I had DD as I didn't want her having it.

skankingpiglet Sun 03-Jul-16 21:11:32

I'd stick with water until he catches on his sister's is different too. No need to give them juice/squash, it doesn't benefit them in any way, unless you are concerned his fluid intake is too low and need to encourage him to drink more (which it shouldn't be with bf and water at meal times). Once he realises his sister has something 'better' however, you'll likely have to make the switch. DD1 (2.1) is still a water only drinker at home (never asks for another drink, although very fussy about the container it comes in!), and if we are out for dinner as a family will often reject the drink her meal comes with in favour of her water bottle, but if we are around other DCs with juice, she will insist on having it instead and refuse her water very vocally. It took until she was around 18mo to realise not everyone was drinking water.

As already mentioned, I'd keep cup/beaker of water out and accessible throughout the day for him to help himself to at that age.

SJMBABYLOVE01 Wed 06-Jul-16 20:41:55

Thanks for all the comments it's helped me feel what I'm doing is the best for my son and not that I'm being unfair like my family seem to think. With regards to my daughter she is now 3 and she was only started on juice as we had terrible problems getting her to take fluids as she has cows milk protein allergy and so turned against drinks and food and had to be persuaded with juice unfortunately. If she didn't have this it would have been strictly water!

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