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Sterilisation after c-section - any experience?

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Marquand Wed 29-Jun-16 09:58:04

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with DC3, and at 43 years old, my womb will definitely be closed for business after this one. I'll be having a c-section, and my gynae has mentioned the option of having my tubes tied at the same time.

I'm tempted.

Has anyone else had this done? What is your experience? (I've asked DP, and he is not interested in having the snip. He is also not interested in having more kids.)

TheDailyMailareabunchofcunts Wed 29-Jun-16 10:02:31

Yes I have. Didn't notice to be honest, no difference really between first section and the 2nd when tubes were tied.
Recovery was slower but think that had more to do with the 15 month old child I was carrying about at the time :-)
After the delivery I was more interested in the baby than what they were doing

differentnameforthis Wed 29-Jun-16 11:16:58

My consultant refused to do it at the time of my section, because it isn't as reliable, due to everything being swollen from the pregnancy.

I accepted it, but was a bit shocked when they did my friend under a year later.

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