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6 weeks old temperature??

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celeryeater Wed 29-Jun-16 03:22:44

Hi, my 6 week old daughter has a temperature of about 37.6-37.8 is that bad? Does it count as a fever? Panicking a bit because the thermometer seems to give a different reading each time. It's one of those digital ones you stick in their ear.

amarmai Wed 29-Jun-16 04:01:52

Take no chances with a newborn. If there is an all night pharmacy ,you can call and speak to the pharmacist re temp etc. That is what I did last week. She was lovely and got me to fill my antibiotic prescription and take 2 right there in the store.

amarmai Wed 29-Jun-16 04:03:26

Call the hospital or an all night pharmacy and get advice .

Whosthemummy16 Wed 29-Jun-16 04:28:23

I would phone 111 asap for a baby that little with a temperature.
Anything about 37.5 is classed as a high temperature, the in ear thermometers aren't very reliable for tiny ears as they don't fit well enough into the ear canal.

ODog Thu 30-Jun-16 21:41:18

My DD was admitted to hospital at a week old wit a temperature of over 38. They told me that anything above 37.5 is a fever but they would only really worry about a temperature under 38 if they were displaying other signs of infection like rapid breathing, sleepy, not feeding, floppy.

Having said that u would still get her checked as they really take no handed with newborns. We were in for 2 nights, DD pumped full of antibiotics through an IV and had all manner of tests including the dreaded lumbar puncture. Turns out it was a little bit of nothing or a little viral infection but I was shocked at how seriously they take illness in small babies. Which is the right thing to do but scary from a parent POV.

They also said those digital ear thins are crap and actually a bit dangerous as sometimes they show lower than what the temp is and to get a digital under arm one for a fiver at the pharmacy.

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