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Books to help raise confident girls

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tryhard Wed 22-Jun-16 17:58:04

Can anyone recommend anything? My 5 year old has had a few issues at school asserting herself, particularly against boys who are bigger than her. I'm trying to set an example by being assertive myself but would really appreciate some guidance on helping her navigate school, particularly the politics of girl groups (Moms with older girls have said this gets particularly tricky around7), developing self-esteem & assertiveness skills. Do such a book exist?

Italiangreyhound Thu 23-Jun-16 00:14:28

I am sure they do but I don't know what they are, or rather I've not used them specifically with dd.

This one is old but looks good...

I tell my daughter and son that girls and boys are of equal value.

However, girls are not generally as strong as boys, or as fast, which is why boys should not fight girls and why sports are segregated by sex.

If your dd is receiving any kind of bad treatment at the hands of boys in the class it is not just up to her to assert herself, the teacher should be keeping an eye on any inappropriate behaviour, e.g. boys pushing in or being unpleasant to each other or to the girls.

Issues with friendships can happen to boys and to girls, they can all behave badly, I am not sure that girls are any 'worse' than boys at anything.

I do like to read on line, especially articles etc....

Facebook groups which present ideas for girls and boys are:

A Mighty Girl on Facebook
Princess Free Zone on Facebook
Women you should know on Facebook

achilles effect on Facebook

SuckingEggs Thu 23-Jun-16 00:15:58

Go to A Mighty Girl (Facebook site). There's lots of info on books on there.

SuckingEggs Thu 23-Jun-16 00:17:00

Also, Laura Markham at aha parenting is great.

youlemming Thu 23-Jun-16 21:42:20

My 6 yr old can struggle with the politics of girls friendships, she doesn't get why someone will speak to her and play one day and then not want to be her friend the next and to be honest it was something I never understood myself so ended up spending most of my time with the boys as DD1 does now.

Is she sporty at all, maybe find her a sports group either inside school (an after school club?) or something away from the school that has mixed sessions so she gets used to playing more with boys in a controlled environment which will give her more confidence to take back with her into school.
DD1 plays tag rugby and within her age group there is a wide range of sizes with boys both bigger and smaller than her, it's definetly helped her confidence and she has no problems giving the boys instructions when leading part of the play.

Was just coming on to suggest A Mighty Girl but I see I've been beaten to it grin fantastic resources on there!

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