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First holiday abroad - 2 year old - any tips?

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boopdoop Wed 22-Jun-16 09:29:37

We are off on holiday next week to Cyprus for 10 days. DS is 2.3 months. It's our first holiday abroad with him, first flight (5 hours) etc.. So any tips would be massively appreciated! Especially any ideas for toys to take for flight or in cases for whilst away that are light and not bulky! Thanks.

SweetBerries Wed 22-Jun-16 16:20:58

Sorry to be a DS 2 months or 2 years? Title says 2 years, text says 2 months. I think it will make a lot of difference in terms of recommendations ;)

Malermalergoni Wed 22-Jun-16 16:40:51

I'd say take sachets of infant ibuprofen and calpol. Easy to carry, and handy if little ones ears are problematic with the flight/ pool.
Get excellent travel insurance and read the small print carefully.
Crocs are light and good for travelling (the shoes).
Microfibre towels are super fast drying for little ones that are constantly in and out of the water.
An inflatable beach ball is light and fun.
A fabric high chair thing that stretches over normal chairs (koo-dee?) is very handy for restaurants without high chairs.
And take the buggy for afternoon naps on the go! With a light scarf tied over as a very lightweight sun shade.
And have a wonderful time!

Malermalergoni Wed 22-Jun-16 16:43:14

Koo-di chair, I meant smile

minipie Wed 22-Jun-16 17:20:29

Expect she means 2 years and 3 months

Galt Water Magic and/or Aquadoodle and/or travel size Megasketcher
YY inflatable beach ball - but you'd be able to buy one easily there I expect
Mini watering can
Anything new - whatever it is - have look for small 50p toys from charity shop
Ipad pre loaded with Peppa etc
Muslins very handy for the journey (makeshift bib, mop up, shade etc)
Take monitor so you can sit outside during naps/evening
Take some favourite dry snacks (great for plane and for waiting in restaurants)
Small set of stacking cups can be multi purpose (sandcastles/bath toys/washing hair)
Favourite books
Plastic plate bowl bib etc unless the accom provides them
Travel blackout blind (depends on what your DS is used to)
Muslin or cotton sleeping bag for hot bedroom (unless there is aircon)
Swim jacket with buoyancy if he likes to swim - means you don't have to hold them in the pool all the time (though obv still have to be right there with them)
Sunhats with strings, or at least elastic (Jojomaman do a good legionnaire style one). Quick drying hat (thin cotton or swim fabric) to wear in the pool
Swim nappy

boopdoop Wed 22-Jun-16 18:21:19

Sorry 2 years 3 months, sorry!

SweetBerries Wed 22-Jun-16 18:33:06

No, my fault boopdoop, looking back it makes sense. In this case I have very little advice to add as my little one is only 6 months, but DEFINITELY take a tablet if you can. Wonderful distractions on long journeys and make get your little one off to sleep for a while. If you don't have one you can pick one up for practically nothing these days (not an iPad but one that's decent enough for a 2 year old!) Also, make sure you have a meal ordered for the plane that he will enjoy. Maybe ask them if they provide colouring books or pencils for the kids...some airlines do and it will give him something to be excited about! Have loads of fun smile

MrsA2 Wed 22-Jun-16 19:17:41

Minipie's list is excellent! I second the Galt water magic, so handy for the flight.

Also sticker books based around their favourite things and with as many small stickers as possible - animal sticker books a massive hit here.

And pipe cleaners! Weigh nothing/take up no room but great to distract a toddler for a while. I also gift wrap a few tiny bits (including current toys that I just hide for a few wks before the trip) - so handy to whip out for tantrum distraction moments.

I wouldn't bother taking beach toys - just buy a 5 euro bucket and spade set once you get there to save the packing space.

Plastic bags - stick four or five into your luggage (some in hand luggage), so useful and you can just leave them out there if you end up not needing them.

I always pack favourite snacks too eg breadsticks, rice cakes, raisins. Useful to have familiar bits if they take a few days to settle in.

Towels take up loads of space so I've often bought new beach towels out there if I've been struggling with luggage weights.

boopdoop Thu 23-Jun-16 17:33:20

Thank you for taking the time to post, lots of helpful ideas. Much appreciated.

boopdoop Thu 07-Jul-16 05:54:38

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all. We are just over half way through the hol and we are having a fab time. So many of your tips have helped so much with that - my DH keeps commenting on how I've thought of everything! (I did give credit to your suggestions!). Thank you.

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