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Filling pain/infection keeping daughter off school since Friday- help please

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SaltyRock Tue 21-Jun-16 11:24:55

I'd really appreciate some help as to whether this is normal.
My daughter (10) had a filling done last Wednesday on a baby tooth. Since Friday she has been in so much pain that she can't go to school. Over the weekend her cheek blew up to a huge chipmunk type cheek. It's still pretty big. We went back to the dentist yesterday and she prescribed antibiotics. She's off school again today and has a bag of frozen peas to her cheek while seeming considerably more subdued than usual. She is in tears at times with the pain.
Then dentist says this is not unusual. It just seems like she has gone from a tooth that had a hole but didn't hurt, to an incredible amount of pain. It's quite distressing. Any advice would be appreciated.

MandScookiesrule Tue 21-Jun-16 11:40:19

It is a normal complication of a deep filling in a baby tooth, unfortunately, it shows the decay/filling is in the nerve, the nerve has died and now got infected.
If it's a baby tooth and she is ten, on completion of the course of antibiotics she needs to be having this tooth extracted. Otherwise it is likely to flare up again. Whilst she is swollen, it unlikely the dentist could get it numb enough to extract, which is why she needs to take the antibiotics for the moment, and then book an appointment.
For the short term, Lots of painkillers, and soft diet to keep her as comfortable as possible. Hope that helps.

SaltyRock Tue 21-Jun-16 12:17:19

Thank you very much. That is what the dentist has said, the swelling needs to go before they can remove the tooth. I'm so annoyed with myself that I didn't notice the hole earlier and get it dealt with sooner.
We'll be implementing a very strict tooth brushing/flossing/mouthwash regime after this fiasco.

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