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Going abroad with 8mth old HELP

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HopeFull28 Mon 20-Jun-16 22:47:07

Hi all, we are going on our first family holiday when DS will be 8 mths, and advice on do's / don't would be greatly appreciated grin

Novinosincebambino Mon 20-Jun-16 22:53:24

If luggage space is an issue, order your nappies etc. and pick them up airside (I.e through customs) at the airport from boots. You can take (depending on the airline) a pram and a car seat. Car seat might have to go through oversized baggage but pram you can take to the gate (sorry if stating the obvious!). Don't go overboard with the clothes. I took a day outfit and a night outfit (easily removed if they fall asleep in their buggy) and a sleep suit for each day. Plus swimming stuff. No under vests were required due to heat. Pack child safe mosquito repellent, a wee one with an itchy bite is not a happy one. Apart from that go and enjoy!

HopeFull28 Tue 21-Jun-16 15:27:04

Thanks so much for the tips.. didn't even think about mosquitoes hmm

purpleporpoise Tue 21-Jun-16 15:44:04

Recommend some afterbite lotion too just in case. Don't take loads of toys, things like stacking cups are good as they are multi purpose, and books. Don't forget a few hats as you may lose them. You can also order milk to pick up airside. Talc is good for getting sand off. A UV suit is good for the beach as they won't burn through it. You can get sterilising tablets and bags to use. We didn't bother at 8 months as where we were staying had a dishwasher and he licks the carpet!
You can get a fabric highchair from the Gro company, mine was £5 and it's handy. Otherwise have a scarf to tie them to a chair but don't turn your back

scarednoob Thu 23-Jun-16 10:59:07

Remember you can usually go in a special queue at the airport for security etc - don't wait with a baby if you don't have to!

TheLongRains Thu 23-Jun-16 11:09:18

Good mosquito repellent and after bite roll on available at jojomamanbebe. Baby safe smile

TheLongRains Thu 23-Jun-16 11:12:41

Oh, and don't panic! The first time I flew with ours I was in such a sweaty flap trying to change nappies on the aeroplane, then I realised that was ridiculous,I change hundreds of nappies and this is just one more.

minipie Thu 23-Jun-16 14:15:05

8 months is a great age to travel - assuming not mobile yet

Is your LO in a sleeping bag? you can get cotton/muslin sleeping bags which are great for hot weather.
Mozzie repellent - the ones you want are the ones made with Lemon Eucalyptus (sometimes they have the latin name on the ingredients) - just as good as DEET but non toxic.
Hats with strings or elastic so they stay on
UV suit maybe - although tbh with a non mobile baby you can usually keep them in the shade quite easily so not so necessary IMO
Ultrasun sun cream is brilliant - doesn't irritate sensitive skin, lasts really well and not sticky
Take a sunshade for the buggy
Zoggs (or similar) blow up baby swimming seat for the pool
Take your monitor so you can sit outside when he naps
Sling for the airport (in carry on) as it can be a long wait or walk till you get the buggy back. Also good for if they have to nap on the flight.
Will there be baby friendly food? Take some Ellas and snacks in case there isn't much available, or for eating out.
Stacking cups are a good multipurpose toy
A ball of some kind (though you will be able to buy one there v easily)
Nappies - we tend to take enough pampers baby dry for the nights (as they are reliably leakproof) and then buy local ones for the day, cuts down on baggage space
Lots of muslins, wipes, tissues for the journey - easily accessible. Also carrier bag(s) for wet/grubby stuff. Pack in your carry on a change of clothes for the baby and a spare top for you in case of any yuk incidents.
Blackout blind if he's used to blackout at home (unless accom has shutters)

HopeFull28 Thu 23-Jun-16 18:50:27

Thank you all so much for the advice really looking forward to it now 😊 and no he's not quite mobile but just sitting up on his own smile just hoping someone nice gets to sit next to us on the plane now grin

uhoh2016 Fri 24-Jun-16 21:44:09

8mo is a great age to take away. You can pre order baby milk, nappies etc to pick up at boots airside that won't be included in your carry on luggage allowance. I wouldn't rely on getting baby milk abroad I'd make sure I took enough with me.
In my experience at 8mo they are happy to be in buggy watching the world around them. At night we stuck with our normal bedtime routine bath bottle book bed, but instead of bed went into buggy to sleep whilst we enjoyed a meal out, we'd come back put baby in cot asleep and enjoy a drink on the balcony.
Trust me an 8mo on holiday is far easier than an 18/24mo on holiday.

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